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    Default How is the weather in October?

    We are planning to book the last week in October at CSA. We have been there five times already and love it, but an October trip would be a first. We have gone 4 times in April (we love April) and once in July. We were not thrilled with July because it is warm here at home and not so much of a treat to go to Jamaica. question is: how is the weather the last week of October? I know it is still Hurricane season. Anyone?

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    We were there Oct '08 (beginning) and the weather was great. It rained the first night we were there and that about 1 to 1 1/2 hours each day. We are thinking about going back this Oct because of the savings.

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    I've been going to CSA the last week in October for ten years. Never had bad weather. Never had to deal with a hurricane.
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    We stayed at CN last October, 21st to 28th. We had two hours of rain on Saturday from about 10 AM to noon so we had to stay at the swim up bar in the pool. There was one other afternoon shower that last for about 30 minutes. The rest of the days were beautiful. The one downside was that was the same time that Hurricane Rita was churning around the Carribean, so there were more waves and surf so some of the water activities were cancelled for a couple of days.

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    I would like to know also since we booked the fall special for the 1st week of October.

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    We visited CN last October (22nd-29th), and the weather was lovely. Around 85 degrees with some daily showers that never lasted more than a couple minutes. Hurricane Rina was brewing further out, which mad the water a little choppy our last couple days there, but no problems otherwise.

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    We have been in early Oct., middle Oct, and first week of Nov. In early Oct. we had quick rainshowers in mid to late afternoon (were actually very relaxing) could nap while raining on our patio in the hammock. In Nov. we didn't have much of the rain. We did notice the water was a bit rougher, and were told that like clockwork, on Nov. 1st the trade winds change or something like that. Heat isn't anything like in Summer. I think hurricane season is over in mid to late Oct., but as long as you are watching weather, you should be fine. We wouldn't hesitate on going in October again. If you havn't already booked, check out the Anniversary party...think it's first Friday in October or 2nd...incredible time!! We just booked for April is weather like then? Does it rain in afternoons? Do you get sunsets each night or does rain interfere? We have never been in April so curious...


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    Hi Gayle Anne! We love going in October! Not too, too hot and rarely a storm! Been to CTI two times in October and had great weather! No worries! Have a wonderful trip!

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    I'm really curious to know, too! We are in the exact same position as you. Two trips in May/June and we're thinking about going in October this year. I hope you get some good replies!

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    Again, no one can predict the weather, but we went twice in Oct. 1st time was beautiful, 2nd time Hurricane Wilma passed by & it rained almost all week. Ya just never know.

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    We got every year in October. We go the very end of October into the first week of November. We LOVE that time of year. We went one year in June/July and we will never go that time of year again. It was much more hot and humid in June/July. It was just uncomfortable for us. We like the cool mornings to go running on the beach and eventhe evenings some what cool down. I dont want to be sweating from humidity at 6am. Plus, like you said, its nice to go when its cooler at home, its seems like more of a treat. We have decided to do a second trip this year and go in April also. Its good to hear you liked the weather during that time cause I have been a little curious as to what the weather will be like. We leave April 6th.

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    We've gone twice in October and one year was perfect, the other it rained two days out of ten.

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    I just booked the first full week of October at CSS. Which resort are you heading too?
    Our first trip to a Jamaica!

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    We were just there in mid-Oct. '11. Hurricane off Cancun caused high surf for the entire week... we were red-flagged every day. Couldn't go snorkeling, lucky to get a cat-cruise in. Weather was generally great, just .... high surf, the whole week. By high, I'm talking knock-you-off-your-feet high... about 3-4 foot crests in the swimming area. Point is, it can happen. It sux when it does, but hey... it happens.

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