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    Default CTI for the first time - Mar 10-17, 2012

    Hi All,

    My wife and I are heading to CTI from Mar 10th - 17th and we are first timers to the AN experience. We have read a lot of great things about the awesome people that are out on the island and we are looking forward to making some new friends. I hear the AN experience is totally relaxing after the first few minutes.

    We are from Winnipeg in Canada so the AN thing is certainly NOT possible in March at home!

    Hope to see you there... let us know who to look for!

    Gary & Sonya

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    Hello Gary and Sonya....We're from Nova Scotia so AN is not really that much fun here in March either. We'll be getting in on the 15th so we'll only get to chat with you on the 16th... don't worry you'l love the island..

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    Hi , my husband & I will be there at the same time as you .. & we are going to try the An experience for the first time.. what I have read from here it sounds like fun hope to see ya.. chybry

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    Great to see we have found some other newbies that will be there at the same time as us! We will look for the newcomers on the 16th and maybe it will be you folks from Nova Scotia (go Maritmes!). If it is as awesome as everyone says I am sure that we will be on the island for our last day.

    18 days and counting!

    Gary & Sonya

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    Hey, we thought that you Canadians just chopped big holes in the ice and jumped in AN, then raced for the dry sauna. Oh, wait, that might be the Norwegians. We are confused.

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    Hey Bob, the only ice we enjoy is in our glasses on Tower Island. ;-) Looking forward to being there soon!!

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    I agree! The only ice we will see will be in the bottom of our Appletons! That said, if anyone was tough enough to be AN in a big ice pool it would be a heary Canuck!

    Pumped to be there soon... 2 weeks from today... yahoo!!!

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    12th visit to Couple, 9 of them to CTI. Two weeks to go...

    No ice where we come from but still good to get away...the home life stress is what CTI melts away for us.
    As you may have read in other posts, make sure and try the AN experinece early in your trip or else you will kick yourself for not trying it sooner.

    Jens and Sue

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