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    We went to CN in 2010 & CTI in 2011. Have to miss out this year because I'm back in school getting my Bachelor's degree. We are so excited to make plans to head back to CN in 2013 and brining my parents with us! We thought about taking advantage of the garden deluxe special and wondered about the room. Is it just like the deluxe ocean rooms except view? Do they face inside or would some face the road? How is road noise? Finally, do they have minibars? Thanks!

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    No rooms at CN face the road. Deluxe Garden is just like deluxe ocean, only difference is the view, all have minibars. Returning to CN April 12 for our 4th stay.

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    All rooms at CN are exactly the same with the exception of the suites. All rooms face 'in' and all rooms have minibars. We stayed in all room categories except the suites. They are all equally fabulous!
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    All of the rooms at CN are the same and all of the suites are the same. Location and view are the only differences. None of the rooms at CN face the road...they all face to the inside of the horseshoes. Because of the layout of the room with the bathroom toward the road, I wouldn't expect road noise to be an issue, but I have never stayed in a room at CN that is next to the road.
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    We are also looking for the same answers and hopefully some nice pic's. We have always stayed in the Deluxe Beach Front but who can pass up a free night? We are booking from 28 June to 06 July next year.

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    We've only stayed in the Deluxe Garden so I can't compare it to another room. However, the room was wonderful with a view of the gardens. The room did have a mini-bar and there was no problem with road noise.

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    We stayed in suites the last 2 years at Couples Negril and this year to help offset the increased cost of air fare we decided to stay in the Garden Deluxe Rooms. We were in 4107 and loved it, even more then the suite. The view was fantastic while sitting on our patio and we are not in the room that much anyway. Heard no road noise at night with the air conditioner running and that block of rooms is probably about as close as you can get to the road with only a tennis court and fence between you. When we go back next year we are already hoping we might be lucky enough to get that room again, but we will be happy with whichever one we get, they are all the same.

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    Just returned last night.We were in 1106 which was perfect for us.Close to the beach and the grill and beach bar.Friends were in 3105 and had road noise.

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    Here is a picture looking from our patio towards the ocean. Not as far as it looks.

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    Boy I wish I was looking at that view now.

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