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    Any advice on any programs to use on an iPhone to make calls to the US over the Internet? We will be arriving at couples negril on march 24 and we will be calling home to checking on the kids. Any advice?

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    You can download the Skype app to use over wi-fi. Skype to Skype calls are free. There is a charge for calls from Skype to regular phones but much cheaper than roaming/long distance charges. To make these calls you need to buy credits from the Skype website. You can also get the details on the costs on the website. Hope this helps!

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    I have an iPhone as well and I plan on calling my kids while we are gone too. My daughter has an iPad and we are going to talk using face time. It's my understanding that it just uses the wi-fi connection and don't use from the minutes from our calling plan. You can also face time if they would happen to have an iPod Touch too.

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    Yep, Skyped from my iphone to home on their computer....FREE!

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    If I remember... calls made directly from the room are only .99 per minute - cheaper than any roaming plan. Also, check with your carrier on international text packages, that's a way to keep up with them too!

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    I just checked with service to Jamaica from Verizon, they informed of the following - $1.99 per minute for use of i-phone, then 50 cents to recieve a text. If Couples has Wi-Fi, our phones will have access to internet.

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    Skype worked great for us last year from the beach... didn't use an iPhone, but our netbook.

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    We plan on using Skype on our upcoming trip to CN. I have to teach Grandma how to use it, though I may be better off teaching my 5 and 7 year olds! LOL! I think it will be great to be able to see them, though you can still use Skype with an iphone 3 without face time.

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