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    Default Fine Jewlery at CSS

    Hi everyone,

    We leave for CSS in one week!!! I'm wondering about fine jewlery vendors at CSS. At CN, there's a couple of nights where they set up during the evening. I remembering hearing about a jewlery store on or near CSS property. Where can we buy some bling bling while at CSS?

    Many thanks-
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    There is a really nice jewlery store on property. It's the
    Jewel Box, see Harry when you get there. Don't pay full price.
    he likes to bargain with you.
    "Once you know."
    Steve & Victoria

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    There is a store on-site that is duty-free. They have amazing blue diamonds. So far we have purchased 3 pieces from them.

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    MnK... There is a fine jewelry store right on the CSS property across from the gift shop. I have purchased a couple of very nice pieces from them, a Tanzanite ring and Blue Diamond ring. I love them both and they are top quality. They have beautiful jewelry. Have fun looking and buying.

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    What level of Bling are you talking about? Are you extremely knowledgeable in fine jewelry? TBH unless you are very very knowledgeable in what you are looking to buy I strongly advise you to NOT make any type of large purchase out of your home country. You are not protected by any laws when your return home if something should happen.

    A couple hundred of dollars or whatever you are comfortable gambling with should be your limit.

    Just my very humble opinion.

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    Hi Kristen,
    CSS has the Jewel Box--it's a lovely jewelry store on property across from the gift shop. It is not owned by Couples, but it does have some lovely BLING and the owner is awesome to work with. I treated myself to a beautiful bracelet for my 50th birthday last year.

    If you go on the shopping excursion there are also lots of duty free fine jewelry stores.

    Have fun shopping!

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    CSS has a jewlery store right at the entrance to the resort. Ususlly they have some very good prices and a nice selection. Lots of bling, bling!! Enjoy the "Jewel of Jamaica"!

    Bart & Bug

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    What are typical prices for rings or other pieces from there?

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    You have to go see Harry at the Jewel Box. He has some wonderful “bling”. My husband has gotten me some wonderful pieces from him. He has some of the best tanzanite.
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    I have not seen any in the U.S. as beautiful as his. I am fortunate enough to own several pieces. I can not wear them without someone noticing their beauty. This year I got a beautiful diamond ring from the MK Emerald Star collection.
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    They are so unique. Harry is a very reputable Jeweler and he will be fair with you. Please tell him I said hello when you see him. I have posted a couple of pictures of my favorite things from the Jewel Box. Please show us what you got when you get home. Have a wonderful time in “Paradise”.

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    I second your comment, Fluffin! A friend of mine bought some rubies in China. She's quite knowledgeable, and thought she got a great deal. She took them to her jeweler here, and he thought they looked fantastic, but something was gnawing at him, so he sent them off to a lab for further review. Turns out they were VERY sophisticated fakes....bummer!!

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    Thanks everyone! Beautiful pieces, Teresa!

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    It has always amazed me that people think Jewelry is cheaper or better in a resort area in Mexico or the Caribbean than near their home. If you decide to buy anything expensive you should be an expert on the item you are buying. I have known people who have bought everything from couterfeit JaBlum Coffee, to counterfeit Cuban cigars, to low end jewelry that they thought was much nicer than it was. All were convinced it was the 'real thing' they were getting... but they were wrong. I would suggest you buy your jewelry from a jewelry store near your home that has a good reputation for quality and is not likley to go out of business any time soon. But... it's your money! Enjoy!

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    Hi, CSS also offers a shopping tour that goes to the Taj Majal shopping center. It's about 2 hours long and there are several high end type jewelry stores there as well. Have fun!

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    Tntmo, what was the approx cost of those pieces if you dont mind sharing? Just trying to gauge cost for planning the trip.

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    @Theresa- Your pieces are BEAUTIFUL!! Tanzanite is one of my favorite gems. With those being so awesome I hope you have taken them to be appraised and insured. I know a lot of times we over look adding our fine jewelry to our insurance policies.

    To all of you out there PLEASE take the time to have your pieces appraised & insured. A policy to cover $40,000.00 in jewelry is only about $213.00 a year. Such a small investment to protect the items we cherish. These policies will cover everything from a lost stone, theft to simple loss.

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    VA Couple-My pieces are just an example of some of The Jewel Box’s fine tanzanite. We have had these appraised and are very comfortable with the price Harry gave us. He has pieces from a few hundred dollars or less, up to some very fine pieces in the thousands. He will be fair with you. Tell him Teresa sent you! (ha-ha)

    Fluffin-I do have my fine jewelry insured. Your advise about insurance being “a small investment to protect the items we cherish” is so correct!

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    We also bought some items at the Jewel Box (earrings for me, and a ring for my husband) and we are very pleased with them. I think we got a good price on both (we did bargain). I think one reason people buy jewelry while on vacation is that there is actually time to shop, and it's easy to shop together. We went there during an afternoon rainstorm, and we really enjoyed it.


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