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    Default special needs-not major, though

    I had hip replacement surgery last year. Stairs are not my friend. We have an atrium suite booked for April. Whom can I contact to ask for a first floor and at what address? I realize that CSA does not honor room requests in advance, but I would really like this addressed prior to our arival. Any suggestions?

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    You should be ok. I would get in touch with your travel agent or Couples directly and put in your request for 1st
    floor room

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    My husband had had knee replacement surgery in May and we were there in August. I had requested a ground floor room also but when we arrived, there was not a ground floor open that day. They did accomodate us the next day so you may have to put up with it for a day or so but they will go out of their way, IF they can, to get you to be the most comfortable.

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    Does anyone have an e-mail adress and contact person for me to write to about tis request/need?

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    There's an 1-800 number at the top of the page. I would try that and ask for guest relations and they can point you in the right direction.

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    Thamks pugdog, I'll give it a try.

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