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    Default Cn or css need help????

    Hello Everybody

    I need some help! I have been doing my research for months now and I am trying to decide which couples resort is the best place fpr me to ask my girlfriend in marriage!!! This is where I need help...I like both CN and CSS. For the people who been to these resorts can you give me some help on deciding which resort would be better.

    We will becoming in June 13-20th. Cannot wait!!!. Thanks for the help!


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    We have been to both CN and CSS. What are your specific questions because no one can say which one you will like better. I can say that in my experience CN had the better beach by far and was a little more of a 'party' atmosphere. CSS has the better views by far since it is built into the hillside and has a smaller, cozier possibly more romantic feel. Does that help?

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    Default HI

    Hi we love both resorts so much! With CN being are home I have to say I would suggest CSS. We did a split trip this last year and I think CSS is by far the more romantic and scenic resort out of all of them it is just beautiful. You can't go wrong. I say you book a private dinner in the wedding gazeebo on a friday night when the gala is going on and you will have the place to yourself. You can hear the waves crashing and it is so romantic. Perfect for a proposal. You can arrange this wiht the guest services and if you don't like the menu they will make changes for you. Also check with the photogaper and they will show up for pictures. Afterword go for a romantic jacuzzi dip in the hot tub that is hidden by the spa. Don't forget the champage. Congratulations Diane.

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    CSS is a beautiful resort, but if you're beach people, you might be disappointed. The ocean floor off of the main beach is mucky; off of Sunset Beach, it is rocky.

    We spend most of our day, every day of our vacation, on the beach, so we prefer CN and have been guests there 15 times. I think it would be a lovely, memorable moment if you proposed while enjoying champagne on the beach and watching the sunset.
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    i agree with Diane. go to CSS and do the private dinner in the wedding gazebo and do it there. we celebrated out 10th anniversary there and it was amazing. the most romantic dinner at the most romantic resort. CN is great, so if you do that it'll still be great, but if your goal is romance and the engagement, CSS is the way to go.

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    What a choice! We've been to all of the Couples Resorts and these are our 2 favorites. We have to agree with Diane in saying that CSS is the most romantic with all the places to wander on the property where you can get away and feel like you're the only couple on the resort. The private beaches make it nice to be able to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the resort. Now don't get us wrong...CN is a beautiful resort also and the sunsets in Negril are awesome. So all that being said lizzyray is correct in that you have to be more specific as to what you're looking for if you want good responses. Otherwise you'll just get opinions...and you know what they say about those. The good news is that no matter which resort you choose you can be sure that you'll enjoy it, be impressed by the Jamaican hospitality and look forward to your next visit. Best wishes on your proposal.

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    We did a CSS/CN split last summer. I had thought that I would love CN better, so I booked 4 days CSS, 7days CN. I had also booked a year ahead for 2012 for CN. When our 4 days were up at CSS, we were very sad and wanted to cancel CN and stay at CSS, but we would have lost our total booking paid for CN, plus charged the current rate for another week at CSS. We continued on to CN, and were quite dissapointed the first few days. As the week went by, we did like CN as much, and at the time I felt like I liked it more, but after I was home for a few months, CSS was the one that I kept thinking about. Here is a list of things that I liked better at CSS.

    Although the beach is not long and extended like at CN, I love to swim and float in the water, and I found the shoreline much more visually stimulating at CSS. Others will probably not agree with me on this point, but l like to look at trees and rocks and nature while relaxing in the ocean. I wore water shoes to get in and out.

    I love eating open air. Some people love A/C, but I am always cold, so when I go away I like to be warm. You can eat outside open air at all the restaurants at CSS, or inside where it is Air Conditioned. At CN, 2 of the 4 are air conditioned. AT CN the piano bar was just way too cold for me, and we had to leave.

    Ilove to enjoy a drink and entertainment outdoors as well, and this is what you get at CSS.

    We like the Beachfront suites (CSS), and the room, especially the bathroom was so much nicer than CN. Lots of room for two people to get ready at the same time in the bathroom, and a seperate living room for TV watching. AT CN although you are not in your room that much, I hated the bathroom, and only one person could be in there at one time. These are minor issues for some people, but for us it all added up that we liked CSS better in the end.

    When a good Wednesday special came up for CSS, I cancelled our CN reservation (booked a year ago), and switched to CSS.

    You can't go wrong either way, and I think you fall in love with the first resort you go to. We started with Swept Away,but my husband broke his leg water skiing there, and we had to go home, so it kind of has a negative memory for him, and he does not want to go back there, so CSS is just as good.

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    Thank you all for your responses!!!...I just signed up for CSS!...We are very excited and we cannot not wait!!! June 13th couldn't get here fast enough!!!


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