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    This is our first visit to Couples and I am so excited... cant wait for the end of November.... Has anyone stayed at the ocean deluxe rooms... what are they like... can i believe the images online?


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    Believe it! The pictures are very realistic.

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    I have not been, but am booked for the same time, in the same rooms. When are you going? We are planned for Nov 26 to Dec 4.

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    Default Deluxe Ocean Rooms

    We stayed in an ocean delluxe room this year and it was great. The rooms are nothing fancy, but they are very nice and clean. Beds are very comfortable and the AC works great. You will not be're going to love your time in paradise. Enjoy!

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    The deluxe garden, ocean and beachfront are all the same room style, just different views. We find that we spend very little time in the room so that's not a huge consideration with us. There may be less street noise in building 1, 5, 6 and 9 and if you go to bed early then building 6 is a little close to the nightly entertainment, but that is over by 1030. We have been in just about every building and have never had a complaint tho. The suites are huge-twice the size, but we are afraid to try them and get spoiled.

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    SAG, we are going for our first time at the end of November as well (11/22-11/27) and also staying in a deluxe ocean view room. One of the things I have discovered on here is that the pictures that people have taken and posted look remarkably like the ones the resort posts. Rooms, grounds, beaches, everything so I am very comfortable that the picture of the room on the panoramic view is very close to what we will get when we get there. There are numerous photo threads taken by people who have been there already and I think if you look at some of those, you will see the same thing I did.

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    Default CN Question

    Thank you guys for your responses!!! you are all very helpful....We are very excited!!! and to "thelilone" my hubby and I will be there Nov 30 - Dec 6 so it will be around the same time...

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    My fiance stayed in a deluxe ocean room last year. Building 7. From our balcony we had a direct view of the ocean. room 7303

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    Just understand that many of the deluxe ocean rooms are in the back buildings of the resort. You are not right on the beach. You have a far away view of the ocean. All the regular rooms are exactly the same. The deluxe ocean room looks exactly the same as a deluxe garden room inside.

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    Thanks guys! KellyNEddie thank you for the room number reference.....

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