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    Default More Than One Resort Questions?

    We are looking to go on our honeymoon to Couples the end of November. We are going to book this week and wanted to know about going to two different resorts. We are going to go for 10 nights and want to go to CSA and wanted know which other resort to choose? Also what is the best way to book? If you go to expedia or any other site they won't let you seperate your trip between two resorts. Is it best to just call Couples and explain the situation and book through them? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

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    We always book through Couples. Last time we did a CSA/CSS split and it was great. We arranged a private transfer to save time. You can visit all four resorts with the trading places program.
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    I would pick CSS and CTI or CN and CSA. You do not want to lose a day of your vacation transferring from Negril to Ochio Rio. Even with a private and direct transfer it takes 3 to 4 hours. If you use the Couples transfer you get dropped off outside the airport and you then have to wait for the bus. You can not go back into the lounge for security reasons.

    If you transfer between CSS and CTI or CN and CSA it is only about 10 minutes or so.
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    A private transfer from Negril to Ochi takes no more than 3 hours, and it's not a waste of a day at all.

    If you do the split this way, you can experience two entirely different areas of Jamaica, as well as being able to enjoy the ride between the two. Plus, you get the best of two Couples. It's more adventurous than staying at CSA and then transfering 5 miles down the road to CN-

    I would suggest 5 days at CSA and then five at CTI or CSS. We have done this every year and it works perfectly for us. Leave one hotel after breakfast and be in your new room by mid afternoon. Simple enough !!

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    We stayed at CN last year for one week then transferred to CSS for the second week, Couples laid on a Taxi which took us direct from CN to CSS, it took about 3.5 hours. This was a great surprise as I was thinking they would get us back to the airport then put us on a bus to CSS so yet again Couples did us proud!


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