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    My husband and I did the whole CSA vs CN until I started to even annoy myself. So, I just booked CN and will hope it was the right decision. We are going Dec 28, 12 through Jan 3, 13 and wondered what New Years is like at these resorts. Are there nightly activities like casino night or beach bonfire night? Looking forward to ringing in the New Year in Jamaica.

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    Casino night - Yes. Bon fire night - Yes.
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    We were there for New Years in 2011. They had a New Years Eve party with a theme - ours was Old Hollywood. They had ice sculptures and a HUGE buffet with lobster, all kinds of fish and tons of other things. They had appetizers and drinks in the lobby before dinner. They had different expensive whiskey out to taste. The tables were all set up outside around the pool with candlelight. They had two bands and a net of balloons they dropped at midnight and also sky lanterns they lit and sent over the ocean. It was a lot of fun and very tastefully done and beautiful.

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