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Thread: March 3-10

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    Default March 3-10

    Wife and I making first trip to Couples Negril. We always wanted to go to Negril, have been to Couples TI and BRB. Really looking forward to this trip,can't come soon enough.

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    We will be returning to Couples Negril March 3rd 2012. This is our 5th time to same Hotel.

    We are from UK, and have met some great people there. Look forward very much to returning soon.

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    Getting closer, 28 days and counting. Figuring out what clothes to bring, always overpacking. Can't wait for my first Red Stripe on the beach.

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    My husband and I , along with another couple will be there March 2nd- 7th.

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    we'll be there March 2-12, 22 days left.

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    Getting closer to out trip to CN. Nice to hear from other people going the same time. I can't believe the number of people that keep coming back to CN. It must be a fun place. So many things to do,any suggestions on the must do's?

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    While we're not new to Jamaica, this will be our first trip to a Couples Resort. Three weeks to go....

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    Default Will be at CN March 3-10 for our Honeymoon Can't Wait

    Will be at CN March 3-10 for our Honeymoon Can't Wait

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    My wife and I will be making our first trip to CN 5 - 9 March. Can't wait!

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    2 weeks left till CN. Really need this vacation . So looking forward to our first visit to CN. What time is everyone here arriving in Jamaica on the 3rd? That first Red Stripe is going to taste so good.

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    Arrive in Montego Bay at 1:45 on the 3rd. Can't wait!

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    10 days and We'll be there!

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    My wife and I will be there March 6-13! Can't wait

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    One more week. We arrive in Montego Bay around 11:00 am. on the 3rd. I can almost taste the Red Stripe now.

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    5 more days for excited to try a new resort! However, I now wish it was a week instead of 5 days.

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