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    Default CSA Greathouse Suites

    We are looking at booking another trip in 2013 and the greathouse rooms have an awesome rate. We have never seen these rooms other than the website pictures. Can someone either post pictures on here or email some to me? Also, does anyone have any complaints about these rooms? The only negative I can remember reading about is the noise from the club below but that may depend on where your room is located. Are they all the same up there?
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    We stayed in a Great House Verandah Suite (room 5214) on our trip to CSA (June 2011). Overall the room was nice. The only real complaint we had was that some people on our floor decided to indulge in a little "smoking" in their rooms, and the smell flooded into the hallway.

    As far as the noise went, we never heard a peep of noise out of the Piano Bar/Night Club, nor the casino area. And I'm pretty sure we were directly above the night club.

    The view from our room was alright, we did have a nice clear view of the ocean, but since we were the furthest room on the top floor, our balcony also overlooked the property to the south of CSA. And as such, we never used our balcony. But I think there might be only 2-4 rooms total that have that kind of view in the Great House It's one thing where people on the resort can see you on your balcony, and it's quite another when you're being looked at by people off the resort.

    Here are a few pics of the room:

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    Thanks for the pictures. How many of these rooms are there? I remember 2 levels of rooms up there but not sure how many around. A few of them are the jacuzzi suites too. Are there any elevators or is it all stairs?

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    We stayed in a Great House Verandah Suite on our trip last year. I don't remember noise being a problem at all. I made a slideshow of the room after we got home because I had a hard time finding pictures of of the room. You can see the bathroom, minibar, verandah, etc. Hope this helps!

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    We stayed in a GVS Mar '10 & had a great view straight out but to the left it wasn't too pretty. We will get back to CSA hopefully & without a doubt will go for one of the awesome atrium suites! The GVS room & balcony was nice but very loud late night and early morning(patois patio setting up for breakfast). BUT I also have to say you can hit me in the head with a pan to wake me up if your going to make the BEST banana stuffed french toast EVER!!!!!!!

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    There were no elevators, only stairs. And it seemed like there were at least 10 rooms on each floor. Though I can really only speak for the third floor. That's where we stayed.

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    Are these always the cheapest room category at CSA?

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    I think the Garden Suites are the cheapest. Then it's either these or the Atrium suites.

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