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Thread: June 2013

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    Hi Everyone! this will be our first trip to CSA and we are stoked! Staying the 9th - 16th!

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    Packing complete.....arrive in Montego Bay tomorrow at 02:55. Hope we can sleep tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bfetz77 View Post
    debbanks: We are just taking the bare essentials and just enjoy ourselves on the beach most of the time. Flip flops, shades, and bathing suites. Also a few nicer clothes for eating but the vacuum seal bags compress things down nicely and then shake and iron.
    Vacuum bags??? Great idea!!

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    This will be our 4th trip back to CSA. Arriving June 12th can not focus on anything else at this point. Soooooo excited to be traveling with best friends and family! Can't wait to get back to paradise.

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    Anyone who is there now or has just returned.. how is the weather? (Trying not to worry too much about a rainy wedding...)

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    Got to CSA yesterday. Sun is shinning , drinks are flowing, it's good to be home.

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    Packed...dropping off the kids with g-parents in St. Louis. Flying out Monday!! SOOOOOO Ready. We are in BFVs. See y'all on the beach!

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    Default So stoked

    We arrive on 6/12. Any very last minute things to mention please let me know. My husband thinks I am a freak because I have WAY over packed. Heck I over pack just to go to the beach. I am stoked to be there in just a few days. Look forward to seeing everyone there. We will be the ones looking confused.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyRuck View Post
    Hi Everyone! this will be our first trip to CSA and we are stoked! Staying the 9th - 16th!
    We will be there 10th to the 16th!!! Hope to meet people!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brianb View Post
    You know I will!!!
    you will find me at the swim up bar!!!! <>So excited!>>

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    Pub Crawl??? How can I get in on this?!?!?!?! I will be arriving the 10th around noonish to the resort!!! Im totally down for a pub crawl!

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    We will be arriving at CSA tomorrow. This will be our 4th trip home, when all is perfect why go anywhere else! This will be our delayed honeymoon in our beloved atrium suite! Counting the moments till tomorrow!

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    @Rachel - email Lenbert at We went on it yesterday (Sunday). We had a full bus and had a ball!!!

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    T minus three hours until our flight home. Should be at there in time for a fish taco and dirty banana for lunch!!!

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    OMG, we are in single digits. I can not believe it. My BF finds out tomorrow at dinner. We leave the 20th. Wow.....

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    We are here now and it has been AWESOME! Every little morsel of food has been delicious, staff is amazing, and the beach is perfect!

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    Just checked in at CSA!! First impressions, great service, and great food!
    Room is awesome, and now if the rain would stop it would be that much better!
    Hope to see some of you on the Cat cruise on Wed the 12th.

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    Bryan, I am Angie from SC. We met on the pub crawl. When u get to Greenville u should look us up. Here us my email
    Maybe we can meet at Barleys for a beer.

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    Anyone doing the bar crawl on June 23rd? We went last year and had a TON of fun! Just be careful not to pregame too much cause there is plenty of drinking. You will stop at 7-10bars and spend about $5 on 2 drinks at each bar. (I got currency before coming so I saved a bit by paying advertised J$ prices instead of horrible bar exchange rates)

    Tons of fun meeting locals and hanging out with others.

    Just email Lenbert at and let him know you are going on Sunday June 23rd with your resort.

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    Hey Junebugs!!
    Already back from our stay (June10-17). We had an awesome time!! Can't wait to go back!!! Met some really cool people!

    Until next long for now!

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    Got back a few days ago, had a wonderful time. Met some new great people and ran into awesome people we had met a few trips ago. Was so sad when we got home I had to start another count down clock, 387 days!!!!!

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    Two more days. Can't wait!

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    Anyone interested in a June 2014 thread yet?

    We booked for next June the week before our trip last week.

    Less than a year!!

    See you at the beach!
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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