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    Default Oceanview Rooms....

    Going to CSA for the first time in September 2013. I have not booked yet.......
    For some reason, I can't find any Oceanview rooms available for reservation for our desired dated of Sept 9th - Sept 16th
    (I tried other dates in Sept thru Nov) and there doesn't seem to any Oceanview room available. Does anyone know why?
    Super excited about the trip

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    I would just call them ,1-800-couples. Must be something in premier beachfront, beachfront veranda suites. You'll get a nice view from the Greathouse jacuzzi suites also. Ocean veranda suites are tucked behind the beachfront verandas so some have better views than others. Good luck, if you'd like some pics, email me at

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    I did check your dates online and the only category you will get an ocean view are the greathouse veranda suites. They are in a large building with a couple of restaurants, gift shops, a night club. Most of the rooms have a nice view of the sea and I've read many people like the rooms. I would still call couple and talk to a person. It's hurricane season so rates are cheapest of all so that's probably why there is no beachfront available.

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