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    Default airport transfer not included?

    Quick question about the transport from MB airport to CSA. We booked our flights on points and our 10 nights at CSA through AirCanada Vacations (best rate we could find - even less than rates posted here) however our reservation confirmation states that the airport transfer is not included. I was under the impression CSA had it own transport from the airport and it WOULD be included upon booking our time at the resort. Can anyone help us with this? We're really looking forward to our trip to CSA and want to ensure we don't get left at the airport having to find our own way to CSA.


    Shane and Jas

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    We went to CSA last year with Air Canada Vacations and you use the Couples transfer that is provided for every Couples customers.

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    When you get to the airport in MB, you'll get directed to the Couples Lounge. A shuttle will take you from the airport to CSA. The ride takes about 90 minutes and you'll get to see a lot of great scenery along the way.

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    All Couples guests are entitled to the complimentary shuttle service. Once you are through customs and immigration simply head to the Couples lounge and give them your names. They will be expecting you. Grab a Red Stripe or some water and within minutes you will be on your way. If you want some extra reassurance, if you booked hotel and air separately, simply email your flight information to the resort a few days before you depart. You will absolutely LOVE CSA! We are headed for our 5th visit in 25 days!

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    It does not matter how you book your trip. The transfer is included provided you:

    1. Arrive at the Montego Bay airport

    2. Your first night at Couples is the same day you land.
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    Your reservation includes the transfer to the resort and back to the airport... no worries

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    It doesn't matter who you book with, it's included.

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    Thank you cbsmith!

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    Transportation is part of the all inclusive. Once you leave customs, turn to the left and you will see the Couples Lounge at the far end of the hall. You will be greeted at the lounge, your luggage tagged for your resort and then you go to the desk and check in with the person there. Then you can grab a Red Stripe, Pepsi, Wata and used the restroom facilities. Before you know it, you will be boarding your shuttle to paradise.

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    We also went to CSA with AC Vacations and our transfer was included.

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    If you go to the Couples Resorts Airport lounge, they will put you in a bus for free and get you to the resort. We made the mistake of purchasing the ride on line when we first book and got ripped off. (not at
    Irie Mon

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