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    Hi Everyone -

    My fiance and I are getting married at Sans Souci in early October. Other then the small reception that includes toast and cake, is anyone planning a reception? We booked the 11 am wedding slot and was thinking about just inviting everyone for lunch and then meet up again later on for dinner. Does anyone know if Couples will put together a section of the restaurant for a group of people? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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    Looking for the answer to this too

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    We got married at CTI one year ago today at 10 AM. We had dinner at the Veranda restaurant - 14 total in our group. Couples reserved an area, and did a customized "wedding" menu for dinner. When my hubby and I met with the planner the day before our wedding, she had us pick out 2 entrees, dessert, etc. It was a very nice touch!

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    I'm getting married at CSA in May. Talk to the wedding coordinator. We only have 2 other couples going, so they made a reservation for us at Feathers (one of the dressier restaurants that requires reservations). The max number of people allowed to dine together at one of these kinds of restaurants was 10. They told me that if we had more, they would do a big table or several tables together at one of the restaurants that doesn't require reservations.

    Just email the wedding coordinator for your options, based on the number of people you have. I didn't want to pay extra for a reception because we are spending 2 hours after the wedding taking pictures all over the resort, so we wouldn't even be there for it.

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    Did you have to pay extra for the reception?

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    Back from CSA and our vow renewal. Everything was wonderful. I asked our wedding coordinator if we could have lunch together after cake and champain toast and she made it happen for no extra cost. Thank you again Priscilla!!
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