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    We too have a cat but have learned it will be just fine while you are gone. We have an automatic feeder and a friend to check on him every other day. While the cat will soon forget you were away, you will return with a lifetime of cherished memories. Don't deny yourself some well deserved happiness. Life is too short...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crabracer View Post
    Jannette I find it interesting that so few people had any sympathy for you. While it is true that canceling your vacation may be extreme, I would have thought that more pet owners would have showed more compassion for your situation. Some of the comments even sounded rude to me. IMHO. Not everyone is as complaisant about their pet as some of these posts would indicate.
    I know!! I'm sitting here, thoroughly disgusted at some of these rude comments. People, if you can't be nice don't say anything at all! Wow...

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    Know exactly how you feel ..... I'm always SO EXCITED the day we book our next trip to CN but at the same time the sick feeling in my stomach sets in that I've got to leave my cat babies & just gets worse & worse as the time gets closer ..... I cry all the way to the airport the day we leave. It's worse now that they're older & one is on meds for seizures ...... They both stress more when we're not here ..... We hire a cat sitter to come by & take care of them here at home because I would never be able to board them. They're always thrilled to see us the night we get home & after a few days, the quit following us around terrified that we're going to leave them. We don't travel near as much as we used to because of them & did cancel a trip to Jamaica once because one of them got really sick about 2 weeks before we were to go ..... People thought we were crazy but they are our babies. We have our next trip booked & the countdown is on ...... Figure it's a small price for them to pay to get to live like the 2 little kings that they are the rest of the year so we all just have to toughen up & get through it.

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    Hi Jannette,

    I am so glad you found a trusted friend who will come by 3 X's a day to look after your fur babies! It is stressful leaving your babies but sometimes you just have to do it. We lost our oldest in April 2009 just 2 days prior to us leaving for vacation. You talk about guilt. I felt like I was making the decision to let him go just so we could go on vacation. I knew it was what needed to be done but still I kept thinking if I just stayed home he could pull threw. When the Doc took more x-rays and said the Cancer had spread to every part of his body and he was in pain I knew it had to be done.

    Now I try to have Grandmom come to watch all 3 of the fur babies. My parents have 2 of their own pups now. It might be too much on my parents to take care of 5 big dogs for 2 weeks. If it comes down to vacation or putting the boys in a the kennel they will go. I love them to death....but I also need US time!

    Bright Blessings for a wonderful trip!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jannette View Post
    OK. All sorted. A friend will come to our house three times a day and look after my Bengal and my husband's gun dog.
    I think they will be happier in their own surroundings and find it less stressful than going into kennels.

    MIGreg, if you are referring to me as the person looking for an ice rink - no it was not me. I have been to CN and am well aware there are no ice rinks!

    Randijean46, Bengal cats are a recognised breed - they were developed by crossing a wild Asian Cat with a domestic cat.

    Thanks to everyone for their to start packing!
    I'm just reading through this thread now and I can't believe the mean comments. I bet people would never reply so rudely to someone who is concerned about leaving their kids.
    Quite frankly, I'd be less concerned about leaving kids. They stay with trusted family and can be told that you're coming home for them.

    I'm glad you're able to get someone to come in to your home as opposed to a kennel. I think it's much less stressful than being in a new environment. It's just BS that cats don't notice their new surroundings. Anyone who's ever moved cats to a new home must know that most need adjustment time. I've had 10 cats over the years, including kittens, and only 1 could march into a new home and look around like - "this works" and flop like she’d been there all her life. I think that's because I moved a lot with her. Worse case scenario was a male I still have who when I moved in with my now hubby he wouldn't come out from behind the computer desk for 2 weeks. I tried to pick him up and show him around the place and he freaked. He freaks going to the vet, so ya,... those are two extremes - most cats are somewhere in-between - crouching low, hiding, moving slow, or darting from room to room, sniffing things... Sometimes they go off their food when they’re moved or have puking fits around the house. What makes it better is having their people near to reassure them.
    Sticking cats into some little kennel with strangers and no real space to run around is the last thing I'd ever do. We have 3 cats right now. We always have someone in twice a day to feed, and preferably hang around a bit for the newest one. He craves more affection than any dog I've met or had, and he gets sad when we leave him to go to work. He fetches too. He’s Siamese. Actually, 2 of the 3 behave like dogs... following us, greeting us at the door when we come home. They all sleep in/on our bed..... I hate the “it’s JUST a cat” crap...

    So, yes... I GET IT totally. What's most important is to have someone you trust 100%... and then let it go... Don't email to see if they're ok, because if they don't reply right away you may fret... or if they aren't 100% then you worry if you hear that. Make sure your cat sitter doesn’t change any routines you have, and especially that they do NOT change the brand of food or kitty litter (trust me on that one)

    I’m not familiar with Bengals, but I bet he is a really cool cat. Be prepared, feel confident... then go and have a great time!

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    Hi Jannette,
    You've made a good decision having someone stay at your home. Cat's do much better when in their familiar surroundings. We have 3 cats and I know they miss us when we go away but they get over it quickly. We have someone who comes in every day and stays about an hour to feed and play with them. I would like someone to stay while we are gone but the person we have has numerous cats and dogs she shelters and needs to be at home.

    I understand your feeling about leaving your cat alone. One of the reason's we have 3 cats is because I felt guilty leaving 1 cat by himself all day when we are at work and on vacation 2 or 3 weeks every year. I only intended to have 2 cats but ended up getting 3 because I couldn't bear to separate litter mates. Good thing my husband loves cats too.

    I wish there were more people like you in this world that love their pets and take their commitment to their animals seriously.

    Keep your eyes open when you are at CN. There are usually a few cats around that are friendly and will help you get your "kitty fix" for the day.

    Enjoy our vacation.

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    We're actually delaying getting another dog, so that we don't have an additional guilt leaving. Our little dog is like a child to us, but we have Caryn's sister and BF come stay for the 10 days we'll be gone. We have a movie theater in the basement, so they're content to stay over. Plus we buy all the food for the week, and give them a bit of cash. It's probably more expensive than boarding her, but she's not stressed over being somewhere new, and we get house sitters on top of dog sitters. When we went on our engagement trip (6 days), she did just fine.

    Now, with a cat, those things are capable of watching themselves for 10 days. Just have an automatic food/water system and two litter boxes. lol.... (sorry, not a cat person, but they are far more self-reliant than dogs)

    Here's what we're going to be missing soon.

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    Thanks to all of you for your kind remarks. I was quite hurt by some of the brusque retorts some people made and began to think that perhaps I am some sort of freak to care about a cat! But now I know I am not the only one who does not think that a cat is just a cat.

    Yes, the person who will look after Jackson ( the cat) and Slip ( the dog ) knows them well and they know him.
    He has a dog of his own and so will take Slip for walks with his dog. He will play with Jackson too.

    Actually Jackson and Slip play together..usually Jackson ambushing Slip and Slip stealing Jackson's toys! So they will be company for one another.

    I am not worried now and shall not telephone the sitter------whatever is happening at home,there is nothing I can do about it when I am at CN--------not that I think anything will happen.

    So I have checked in online and am now packing and buying sunscreen !

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    Quote Originally Posted by calgontakemeaway View Post
    Nope. I have two dogs and I love them dearly, as if they were my own children. However, I leave my real children so I have no problems leaving the fur-babies too!
    I hope your children don't read this message board....I'm sure your weren't serious that you love your pets as if they were your children?
    I was a dog handler in the military & my life depended on my dog so I cared for him a lot but in the end he was an animal not a member of my family.
    Captain Jim
    "I will grow old....
    But I won't grow up"

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    We have a Bengal cat and two Rottweilers that I get sick about leaving. Since my youngest son moved out of state for his job, he cannot make the drive to watch the "kids"...So, we hired his best friend. He and his girlfriend stay at the house and pet sit. It's like a vacation for them and it eases my mind while we're away.

    However....the 'kids' do get upset when they see the suit cases come out, so we try to pack when they're in another room

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    You know, I really hope I didn't come across as rude...

    As I said, the wife and I have two cats and a dog, so I do know how people can get with pets. I guess I'm a bit more phlegmatic about it. Yes, I do miss our pets while we're on vacation (the dog sleeps on my side of the bed either between my feet or along my side, one of the cats will either sleep on the wifes side of the bed, or my cr*tch )

    Right now I'm in a recliner, laptop on a lapboard, one cat curled up next to me, and one on my legs. So cats do care for people, although they're not as demonstrative as a dog...

    So, back on point here, no you're not a "freak" or "strange" to care about your pets the way you do. Frankly, if more people were like you, pet shelters would be far less full. Enjoy your vacation, and enjoy the joy your pets will show when you come home!

    (PS, if I did come across as rude, my apologies, I didn't intend such.)

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    I have pets and a child... and still I understand the importance of leaving them on occasion for "parent time". We have a good petsitter and I feel very blessed. Also I can leave my kid with grandma and I know she is very loved and spoiled then. Be that as it may, we miss them all. It's our family! But it's still important that 'mom & dad' have their special time. It makes for a happy home. Leave your beloved in hands you trust and enjoy your time. You deserve it!

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    Cat, dog, kids.

    Leave them all at gramma's and make a run for it!

    Life is good

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    I have a cat too. But I still go. I have a pet sitter come in twice a day to feed her and play with her.
    When she sees the suitcase come out she knows what's coming and tries to pack herself. LOL.
    She is really happy when I get home and won't let me out of her sight for a few days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcbritten View Post
    You stay with the cat. I'll go.
    hahaha agreed!

    I do understand though. My husband and I are traveling a lot this summer and one of the main reasons I'm not going with him on one of the trips is that it feels like we'd be leaving our precious Siamese babies (they're actually twins!) for too long.

    BUT ultimately... you're humans, and it's a cat and you should most DEFINITELY go to Couples.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Jim View Post
    I hope your children don't read this message board....I'm sure your weren't serious that you love your pets as if they were your children?
    I was a dog handler in the military & my life depended on my dog so I cared for him a lot but in the end he was an animal not a member of my family.
    Some people DO love their fur babies as much as they love their 2 legged children. Some people cannot have 2 legged children so all of that love gets focused on those fur babies. While you may look at a dog or cat as "an animal not a member of my family. " I am here to tell you my 4 boys ARE my children. Don't you DARE dismiss anyone elses' feelings simply because you do not understand them.

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