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    Default Does anyone else feel like me?

    My husband and I are due to fly from the UK to CN for for our fourth trip on March 6th.

    Since our last trip I have bought a Bengal cat and now I am feeling that I can't leave him. I know this most probably sounds stupid to most of you. It is a great wrench to me and I am half thinking of cancelling!

    i do so want to want to go to CN again...but part of me wants to stay with my beautiful Bengal.


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    My god its a CAT. What a choice CN or cat...CN or cat...CN or cat. No choice, you go to CN and the cat goes to a deluxe all inclusive cattery.
    Iain & Jacqui

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    We have a Bengal as well and have left him many times. He will love you just as much when you get back. Leave the cat.

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    Even though we have no pet, I am well aware of much they mean to their owners. Especially since you just got your cat.
    I would try to find someone who can either, take the cat to their place for the time you are gone, or be able to check in on him on a regular basis. I doubt that he will resent your leaving him. Take some pictures of him with you. That will help.
    As much as a pet means to anyone that owns one, it would take quite a bit more to cancel a trip to Couples. Personally, I think that's a bit over the top.
    People have voiced their apprehensions on leaving a child, especially a relatively new born or even kids who are quite a bit older. In the kids case, as long as they are going to be well taken care of by grandparents or others whom you trust, they too will not hold it against you for going on vacation. At least not for very long.
    When we first started going to Jamaica, our daughter was about 21. However, she is a person with special needs and functions around 6-7. And although she had been going to summer camp for many years, and didn't really have a problem leaving us, she was very upset when "mum and dad" left her.
    I would not let your new addition to the family stand in your way of returning to Couples.

    I hope this helps.


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    I know how you feel. When we had our parrot and cat we both would miss them and feel bad leaving them. However, we went on vaca and had fun! Go and have a great time! Kitty will be fine and be as excited as you when you return home Please don't cancel, if your bengal could talk he/she would have some choice words I bet

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    It's a cat (we have two). When you return from your vacation and fawn all over him, he'll just look at you like, "I'm sorry, did you go somewhere. Now, please fill my food bowl and scratch my ears".
    Janice and Keith in FL

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    jannette - I feel the same way, sort of. We've got an orange tabby and he is our baby. We tell him he's going to the spa while we go to CN. I cry every time I leave him at the kennel. Even while we're at Couples I sometimes get teary eyed wondering how he is. It would be easier probably to have someone take care of him at home but we don't have anyone near by. He is never any worse for wear when we get him home again. If anything he gets even more spoiled.
    Try to remember you're doing this for you and you'll be a better person when you return. You'll have plenty of time to cuddle and treat your kitty on your return.

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    I feel the same way! It's always hard to leave my fur babies. We don't have any other children. I lost my precious Peanut last year so of course I replaced him with TWO kittens. Thank goodness I have a while to adjust to leaving them home.
    You just have to have trustworthy pet sitters to ease your mind. Go and enjoy cnegril and your Kitty will be fine.

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    I have friends who run a cattery and they tell me that in 30 years of looking after thousands and thousands of cats there has only been one that showed even the slightest sign of pining or even noticing its new surroundings. On the other hand most of the owners tell them their cat is bound to fret.

    Your comment implies that you know this and that it is your pining that might be the issue. The lovely Bengal will still be there when you get back and you will have had such a blissful time you will be so glad you got a grip on yourself and didn't cancel. Just focus on the sun, the sea, the romance, the music, the relaxation, the new friends, the cocktails, the greenery, the beach............everything else will be there when you get home so you can have your cake and eat it.

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    You stay with the cat. I'll go.

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    Why on earth would you want to buy a Bengal cat?! And isn't it illegal to own one, not to mention aren't they an endangered species?

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    We totally understand but we have 4 cats indoors and 5 cats outside plus a dog... We go away and have someone stay at our house to care for the animals and when we get back, all the animals go nuts when they see us. I think it is good for them and of course it is good for us.... Just do it!!!!!

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    Nope. Don't feel like you at all. We are leaving behind a beautiful chocolate lab and three kids and feel great about it. I think it's kinda crazy to cancel an awesome vacation because of a cat!

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    I always feel sad and a bit guilty leaving our cats. They get stressed when we're away for a long time. Getting a trusted friend to check in on them, feed them and stay a bit to pet or play has made a big difference. Your bengal will be fine, try to enjoy your vacation! At least for me, getting ready to leave is the hardest part. You can do it!


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    we have 4 dogs and a cat! Whatever it takes......we will be at CTI in August. Trust me, our animals are part of our family and I do understand.....BUT....go to CN!!! Find a cat sitter or board...I promise it's worth it!!!

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    Nope. I have two dogs and I love them dearly, as if they were my own children. However, I leave my real children so I have no problems leaving the fur-babies too!
    Jamie & David
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    Jannette, my wife sometimes feels the same way about our two cats. The thing is, a cat to some extent won't care that you're gone, as long as you've got someone coming by to keep the litter box clean and the food bowl filled.

    Now, a dog on the other hand, will give you those "I know you're leaving me forever and not coming back" eyes when you leave, and the "OHMIGAWDOHMIGAWDYOU'REBACKYOU'REHOME!" when you get back.

    When we take trips like to Couples, or out of town for a weekend, we get the Mom-in-Law to house / pet sit. Cheaper than a kennel, and rather less stress to the pet.

    CTI in 457 days!

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    You're right, that sounds incredibly stupid to me.

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    Yep leaving our 2 Golden Retrievers tomorrow morning for CN.They are watching us pack and are hanging very close.Will miss my 3 year old granddaughter more! Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

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    Stay home with the cat - it will miss you too much if you leave....

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    We leave our kids each year. Are you the same person who was looking for an ice rink for talent night? You're kidding right?

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    OK. All sorted. A friend will come to our house three times a day and look after my Bengal and my husband's gun dog.
    I think they will be happier in their own surroundings and find it less stressful than going into kennels.

    MIGreg, if you are referring to me as the person looking for an ice rink - no it was not me. I have been to CN and am well aware there are no ice rinks!

    Randijean46, Bengal cats are a recognised breed - they were developed by crossing a wild Asian Cat with a domestic cat.

    Thanks to everyone for their to start packing!

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    Jannette I find it interesting that so few people had any sympathy for you. While it is true that canceling your vacation may be extreme, I would have thought that more pet owners would have showed more compassion for your situation. Some of the comments even sounded rude to me. IMHO. Not everyone is as complaisant about their pet as some of these posts would indicate.

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    OOPS!! I'm a dummy!! Wrong Bengal.....what a booooob. I'm a dog person therefore not up on all the cat breeds. SO sorry!

    We have our vet's assistant look after our Shih Tzu while we're gallivanting around beaches. She has two boxers of her own and a couple of cats and only takes in one or two "guests" at a time, and my dog has a BALL!! Great socializing opportunity as he's an "only dog"!

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    I understand how you feel. My husband and I love Jamaica but worry about our dogs the entire time. Our last trip to CN was in April 2011; our dogs were so upset upon our return that we decided we would not take any more vacations while they were still with us. Dasher died last month at 16; Rudy will be 15 in May and lost his sight two years ago.

    When we did travel, however, we always had a pet sitter. We have had a succession of pet sitters, each of whom started with us as a high school junior or senior and continued to pet sit for us through college. People who do pet sitting for a living tend to visit for no more than 30 minutes before going on to their next job. Hiring a student gave us someone who wanted to be at our house (privacy/away from parents) so that our dogs had company most of the time. Our pet sitters also developed a relationship with the dogs and loved them; our boys enjoyed being with each of them and felt comfortable with them.

    Your cat is young, so he shouldn't be too traumatized by your leaving him for a short time. Just ensure that you hire someone who will care for him and give him sufficient attention so that he won't feel abandoned.

    Pets are family. Your apprehension is understandable, but you can't deny yourself a vacation for his entire lifetime. Make arrangements for his care, then go to Jamaica and enjoy yourself.
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