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    Default Our Wedding - Couples Negril 12/19/11 (incl. link to pics)

    When we were planning our wedding, I was obsessed with looking at pics and reading info on these boards, so I thought I'd share mine for other brides who are in the planning/anticipation stage!

    Our wedding was just the two of us - 11 am on December 19, 2011. I cannot say enough GREAT things about Couples Negril and the entire staff there. They took care of everything! It was so romantic and exactly what we wanted our day to be. Just amazing!

    Here is link to our photo slideshow -
    Misha Earle was our photographer and she was absolutely fantastic.

    I could go on forever - but I won't So if any future brides have questions about details, I'd be happy to
    answer anything. Thank you Couples Negril!!!

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    Was it hard getting ready by yourself. I am getting married May 22nd at Couples its just going to be the two of us and I am so worried about getting dressed. We are not getting married until 4pm so we will be together until a few hours before the ceramony

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    I loved your pictures, they were beautiful!!!

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    Beautiful thanks for sharing

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    Congratulations! What a beautiful couple! Your photos were beautiful! Misha did a wonderful job! We got married at CN in the same gentleman who married you. Your photos brought back lots of memories. Thank you for sharing them!

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    Oh my goodness! Your pictures are simply beautiful, thank you so much for sharing! You are so cute! I love your earring...I've been looking for something "blue" like that without it being over powering blue you know. Do you mind me asking where you go your earrings from? And your shoes are cute too. I think I'm going to go with the wedge flip flops also!

    Question (last one I promise), was there anywhere else on the beach to get married instead of where those two trees are?

    Any information you have, please feel free to respond here or email me at

    Our wedding is set for 10/11/12 at Negril & I can't wait!


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    Thank you so much for all the nice comments! I just came back to this thread so I apologize for the delay in responding.

    To answer the questions...

    Getting ready alone was no big deal at all. Misha came to my room to take photos, so she could have helped me if I needed it. Also, Kenisha, the wedding coordinator at the resort, came to bring our flowers about 10 minutes before we started. She was so nice and more than happy to help with anything. We sent Joel down to the beach along with Misha, and Kenisha and her assistant walked me downstairs and showed me where to stand and wait for the music to start. It was all very easy because everyone is so relaxed and helpful!

    The earrings came from this etsy shop:
    They were a last-minute purchase when I couldn't find anything locally, and she shipped them super fast. I liked that the blue in them was my "something blue" as well as going along with the ocean/beach theme. My mom thought I was crazy adding blue but everyone has commented on how much they like them The shoes I bought at the local David's Bridal.

    You can also get married in the garden gazebo (in the pics, it's where we are eating cake). I don't know about getting married elsewhere on the beach. It is pretty crowded there during the day with lounge chairs and tables. You could ask the state-side wedding coordinator though, I'm sure she would know.

    Forgot to mention that I got my hair done at the salon at the resort. I cannot remember the stylist's name, but when I didn't have a barrette or hairpiece, she went outside and walked around the resort until she found flowers for my hair. She picked them herself Again, they have everything taken care of! I don't mean to sound like I'm gushing, but I was just so thrilled with the entire experience there and it was exactly how I wanted my wedding to be

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    Thanks Jessica for answering my (and others) questions, no problem about the delay, I was just happy you answered! I went to the website where you got your earrings, I found the ones you have & I saw one other pair that I really love...they are blue as well but instead of the cluster like s, it's a blue turquoise teardrop, they are gorgeous! I'll probably pick up some flip flops from David's bridal just as you did, I didn't know they had beach sandals for a wedding dress until you said it!

    I'm so ready to get to CN...I'm thinking about moving our wedding up to 11a.m instead of the 4p.m slot because I'm getting so anxious now, I know I"m not going to want to wait all day to get married.

    Congrats again & I wish you a bountiful blessed marriage for many years to come!

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    Thank you very much for all of the wonderful info. We are getting married in 49 days!!!!! I had the 4 o'clock spot until I kept reading the chance for rain and the added heat of the day. Plus I didn't want to take up a day waiting for our wedding.
    You looked fantastic and the pictures were awesome. If you don't mind me asking, how much did you spend on the photographer? We have 3 other couples going with us and were thinking of just having them take pictures.
    One more question, have you gotten your official marriage certificate yet? How long did it really take to get it?
    Thanks for your help,

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    What a gorgeous wedding! Congratulations!

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