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    Default Video - Snorkeling at Couples Negril

    This is pretty typical of snorkeling at Couples Negril. Sometimes itís better and sometimes itís worse. Have seen rays on some trips. Check out the brown/grey snake with the white polka-dots in the first 30 seconds. This was shot in January 2012.
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    That looks so great! Haven't scuba dived in 40 ears don't like to dive! lol My husband is using this video to bolster his reasons for NOT taking Timair instead of the van ride! Hey, it's Curtis...I'd go in a heartbeat!

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    Oh my gosh. Seriously just got so homesick I want to go tomorrow. The snorkling is the best there. Shout out to Milton who guides me every time I go..... I love the snorkling.... Aug soon come...

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