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    Default First TIme to Couple

    We are heading to Couples CTI for our First and hopefully not our last, but a question, Upon booking through Couples web site and then calling on the phone ( i got a kinda rude woman ) I never could quite figure out if they send anything other than a confirmation e-mail or not? the lady on the phone said No read the terms and conditions it says we send nothing but the email.

    So do we just take the email to the airport, and the hotel?
    I am pretty sure I need to confirm with the airline, so how far in advance is suggested?

    Thanks in advance I want to make this a Smooth 20th Anniversary trip as possible!

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    As long as you have a confirmation email from Couples, that's all you will need. Once you arrive at the Couples lounge at the airport, you won't need anything else at the hotel. Though it's always good to bring it in case there is a mix-up with the type of room you booked or something...though in all of our trips we've never had anything like that happen.

    As for the airline, you won't need your hotel confirmation for your flight. Did you book a package deal? If so, just have your flight confirmation and check every couple of weeks to make sure your flights haven't changed. I'd confirm with the airline a week out.

    Have fun at CTI! You will LOVE it!!! We're heading back for CTI trip #5 in April.
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    Thanks for the info.

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    You won't receive anything else. You must give Couples your flight details though, as they will need to know when to expect you and they will check on your return flighs for you. If you are not on the list at the couples lounge they will add you and get you your ride to the Hotel. It's all good, Just go with the flow.

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    You will LOVE CTI!! (just thought I'd throw that in there )

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