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    Default Catamaran cruise and sea sickness

    My boyfriend and I will be visiting CTI for the first time in early March. I've read great things about the catamaran cruise, but sometimes I'm prone to sea sickness. Can anyone provide more details about the catamaran cruise? Does it make frequent stops to view the scenery? Is it a generally bumpy ride? Thanks for your help!

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    We were on the catamaran cruise last January at CTI and the water was very rough. About ten minutes in two people were green and one was throwing up in a bucket. My husband gets sick on the water easily and took generic dramamine and was fine. It really was alot of fun but I would suggest not sitting in the front of the boat. Sit on the bench. It makes one stop for people to get off and swim.

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    My wife is VERY prone to sea sickness, we do the CAT cruise at CN and she wears the transdermal patch( prescription), puts it on at breakfast and she has been fine on all our cruises.

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    You can't compare the CN Cat Cruise with the CTI Cat Cruise.

    The CTI Cat Cruise is a small boat you sit on top of in rough waters. It is exciting and more ike a roller coaster. I would not do this one again.

    The CN can Cruise is a big boat you sit down inside on smooth waters. It is relaxing and peacefull.
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    I take dramamine (non drowsy) whenever I fly or go on any type of boat. No problems on Cat cruise!

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    I have been on 3 and never seen anyone get sick. It has never been rough for us. If you are worried just wear a band or patch.
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    I have taken non drowsy Dramamine, and I was "okay", but I say on the side of the boat, not on the front. Swimming in the cool water at mid point helped also. Keep hydrated, too.

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