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    Yup, we made the final payment. So much has happened this past year we can't wait for April 6th. Both our son and daughter graduated from college. Our son is in finance/accounting and our daughter has interviewed at a couple of Universities for grad school to become a Dr. of PT. Louie just recently started a new job in a new city(Port Edwards, WI) so Susie has been getting our current house ready to sell. All that is left is to pack, book the park and fly hotel near Ohare and think about the red stripes, green flags and fake bake, and etc. No worries. We will be ready to have a red stripe with any of you at any time. April 6th soon come.

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    Ditto that. One left in colllege though for us and we just bought a house in the country. We do the park and fly thing also.

    Save a green flag for us.

    Life is good

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