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    Default CSS Balloon Bar Question--Is it too much to ask????

    Hubby and I are repeaters at CSS and just love it!!! We really love going to the Balloon Bar for a cocktail before dinner at Casnovas. I love my dirty Grey Goose Martinis! They make them so well at the Balloon Bar. Now here's my question---I love Bleu Cheese stuffed olives in my dirty martini, would it be too much to ask if they would bring me a small container of Bleu Cheese and I would stuff the available pimento stuffed olives with Bleu Cheese???

    I know this isn't an earth shattering question but I appreciate all that the wait staff does for guests, so I would be willing to do my own olive stuffing if they provide the Bleu Cheese!!

    One Love,

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    As a former bartender who has stuffed many an olive, do it yourself...
    If you have the cheese, just grab a toothpick and push from the "bellybutton" side of te olive. This is The side with the x, the opposite shows the pimento. It will pop right out and you basically shove the cheese in. Not pretty, not fast, and your hands get stinky. I truly suggest, stuffing a little Tupperware container with them and then they are ready for your beautiful martini. I love them too and think this is a reasonable answer.
    No waiting. No smelly hands before dinner. Happy bartender who is impressed with your tenacity.

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    No offense Suzy but that sounds like way way way too much work


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    Hi Jed!
    It's really not--I do it at home all the time!!! You just pull out the pimento and pop in Blue Cheese crumbles and then once they are stuffed I am on my way to martini bliss!! No offense taken--it's all good!:-)

    Blue Cheese stuffed olives or not I will enjoy my Grey Goose martinis at the Balloon Bar in July--only 149 days to go!!!!

    Have a great week!

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    I'd consider it too much to it yourself or just make do

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    Why not take some in you checked baggage. Pack well in bubble wrap and zip loc bag.We have them at the olive/Mediterranean food bar at our Kroger Marketplace.

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    Hi cigarmanpa,
    If you had read my previous posts closely, I would happily stuff my own olives if they could provide the blue cheese. It was NEVER my expectation that the busy bartenders would do that for me. I just wondered if they could provide the blue cheese. No matter what, I will enjoy my martinis at the Balloon Bar --- regular olives will work so long as I'm back home with the man I love!


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    Why don't you just bring a jar of them from home?

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    Hello Daire,
    I don't think you're allowed to bring food into Jamaica from the US----might be a Custom's issue?? This is not a make or break issue for me--but I was just thinking that since Casanova's is right next door to the Balloon Bar I might be able to get some blue cheese so I could stuff my own olives --- it's no biggy if I can't-- I am not that high maintenance.!:-)

    One Love!

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    I too am a lover of the blue cheese stuffed olives but for my dirty gin martini. My lovely husband made some for me last year at CSS. He got the blue cheese from the buffet in the morning and took it back to the room then got some olives from the bar. One of the beautiful things about having a fridge in your room is we had a place to store them and then just took a few with when we went to the balloon bar. He's a wonderful hubby!

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    You can take in food just not fresh fruit, veggies, meat. I take protein bars and snacks for the road and plane trips. With the olives as they are in liquid they would need to be part of your 3-1-1 or in your checked bag.

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