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    Default Scuba Resort course.

    How hard is the Scuba resort coarse at CSW? I am cert. but my wife is not and she would like to give it a try but I have heard once or twice that the swim parts is hard. Any fact to this?

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    At CSS the swim test for the resort course involves swimming 2 laps (up, back, up, back) of the main pool. You can swim at your own pace, however you want.

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    I took it at CTI in 2007 and to be honest wasnt the easiest but I am out of shape. I think we had to swim back and forth 3-4 times the length of the pool. Honestly though, in the 4 times I have been there I have never seen anyone fail. Good luck to your wife!

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    when are you going? She could always complete the pool and theory part before she goes and then just have her dives to do..... personally that is what I would do rather than wasting precious resort /vacation time studying and taking tests...

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    At CN, the swim part was 4 lengths of a very small pool. maybe 20 feet end to end. They just want to make sure you feel comfortable in the water.

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    I did it at CN last spring and we had to swim maybe 6-8 lenghts of a very small pool - didn't take 5 min. I don't believe that qualifies as hard. They are just testing basic swimming ability. It was the other trainning and passing the skills tests that others in the class had issues with such as clearing masks. Everyone passed and went out for the initial dive but 2 didn't go down.

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    Well, it sounds like she will do fine then. Thank you for the clarity.

    7 months till 8 nights at SWEPT AWAY! Sounds like so much fun.

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    In 2008, 2009, and 2011 I took the resort courses, only to fail at the boat on my own account. I could NOT jump from the boat. But this last year Shrek held my hand, jumped off the boat with me, and swam with me the entire dive, making me feel like I belong there. These workers want you to succeed, and continue to dive with them. The swim was easy, I am a moderate swimmer, and it only is a couple of laps, I think 4, and she can take as long as she needs. (I requested to swim alone). She will love it. I did.

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