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    Default June 2012 countdown....

    121 days until CSS...

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    Only 100 days 17 hours and 12 mins till we return to CTI. Its getting very close now, although it was over 400 days when we booked. I can taste the dirty bannana already!!
    Iain & Jacqui :-)

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    220 for us at CSS... so long to wait

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    119 days until I marry my love at CSA!

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    We are daydreaming every day about being on the beach at CSA. Come on June 1!!!!!

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    105 days til we return to CN our wedding

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    101 til CTI!!!!

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    103 til CSS!!!

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    57 days til CTI !!!!!

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    CSA June 5-12 for the Honeymoon! Cant wait!

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    100 days til CN...

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    95 days......

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    We are now at 98 days til CTI! Never been before but are so excited! I will be there to celebrate my 30th birthday! We will also be celebrating our 12th anniversary!

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    We have 18 days until we leave for 11 days to CTI. It's our 10th time to Couples resorts. Overall it has been 21
    times to our 2nd home Jamaica!

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    111 Days till our 4th visit to CSS (2 at CTI, 1 at Cn). We arrive June 22nd with my son and his lovely bride to be. He will celebrate his 26th birthday on the 23rd then we will attend the wedding on the 25th. We hope to meet lots of new friends. See everyone soon!!!
    Jerry, Glenna, Joey and Kelly
    Glenna Hailey
    Jerry Hailey
    Couples Certified and Preferred agency!
    Life's to short to spend it on the couch, find a beach and watch the sunset.

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    103 days until CN for our honeymoon!

    I'm also particularly excited because my fiancee let me pick and plan our spot, and it's still a mystery to her. I told her that I don't know if I can wait until the wedding surprise her where we're going because I'm having too much fun building up to it knowing where we're going! I feel like I'm depriving her of something.

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    111 and a wake up 'til CN.
    Come Soon!

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    13 days till we are home at couples.....CSS this time.. last time it was CN. Now if only I could concentrate on work on not on making sure we have everything we need to start packing.

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    110 almost double digits

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