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    Default First time to CSA

    We are looking at going to CSA for our honeymoon and have a few questions about the rooms.
    What we are looking for is a room where we can leave the doors open at night and hear the ocean.
    So this would need to be a room that is away from the night life. We are just looking for a nice clean room.

    What do you guys recommend?

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    Try the beach front suites. You can har the ocean and tree frogs. Very safe and very romantic.
    My daughter also went to CSA for their honeymoon and stayed in a BFS.

    Life is good

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    We were in a Beachfront Verandah Suite, and heard nothing. Even walking past the two many buidings with night time activities you can't really hear anything. You'll be happy no matter where you stay! Have a blast!!

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    We like the "old" side and find it nice and quiet....that would be the rooms without the "Verandah in the title...That being said, the resort as a whole seems to go to bed pretty early!
    Don't forget that there may be Mosquitos in your room of you sleep with the door open...

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    Are all of the beachfront verandas facing the ocean?

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    Go with the beachfront suites! There's no TV to steal from the romance, or the sound of the ocean. There are no windows on these rooms, only wood slat-style blinds so you don't have to worry about leaving the doors open or the mosquitos while being able to enjoy the sound of the ocean. The one we stayed in was in the center of the resort, where the beachfront suites stop and the beachfront verandah suites start, so it was not near the night life. The other thing that's nice is the large wrap-around balcony where you can enjoy a beautiful view.

    Have a great visit to CSA!

    Bart & Bug

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    We always ask for a 2nd or 3rd floor Garden, so we keep the door open.

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    Yes all the bfvs face the ocean.

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