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    Default First Time Stay at CSA

    We are looking to stay at couples swept away on our honeymoon and have been looking at the room options. What we are wanting is a room that we can leave the doors open at night and listen to the ocean. So this would need to be a room in an area that is away from all of the night action. Also, want to make sure that we can a nice clean room.

    Can anyone recommend a room that would suit our needs?

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    Well unfortunatly, you can not request a room by number, you can only request a room be type. So the best type would be a BF or BFV which are on teh beach. at check-in ask for an upstairs room. That way you can leave the doors open without worry abeo visitors. the reasort settels dow fairly early as far a noise goes so if you are in teh middle, you should be OK since the partys are at each end of the resort.

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    Why do my post have to be approved before they post?

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    Bearso hit the nail on the head...... BF of BFV is what you want...... My wife pretty much refuses to take anything less then a BF suite for the same reasons.... she wants to leave the doors open and hear the ocean and tree frogs..... We aren't interested in a TV so we go BF.

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    everyones's posts need to be approved. It is just the way it is ;-)

    This forum BELONGS to Couples.....they do not want anything tooooooo radical to be posted about their resorts, anything about other resorts and they really do not want any in fighting to happen. Therefore all posts are moderated.

    Yes it gets to be a bore......but it is what it is

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    Quote Originally Posted by wcjr View Post
    Why do my post have to be approved before they post?
    Because we are newbies!

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    You will also want a 2nd or 3rd floor room if you want to leave your patio doors open....

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    Agree BF or BFV. However I am sitting on my Atrium 2nd floor balcony at this time and hearing every wave along with tree frogs. Our room is around the gazebo area. Have always had atrium but next time think we'll try beachfront.

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    We always stay in the Beachfront Suites as the windows have screens but no glass. Adjustable wooden slats on the windows allow for air flow during the day and privacy at night. You get all the sounds of Jamaica into your room without the reduced security and bugs from leaving your doors open. I think the Atrium Suites have this as well but not sure. Add on the fact you are steps from the beach and this is the best way to get the experience you are looking for.

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