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    Default CN Martini Bar and Halloween

    My husband and I have been to CSA twice and are returning the end of Oct., but to CN this time. We're wondering if there is a martini bar similar to the one at CSA. Also, I've read that vendors do not set up shop at CN and we're also wondering if the cigar, jewelry and woodcarving guys set up in the evenings and if not, will cigars be available for purchase on the resort. We are also going to be there over Halloween and wonder what kind of celebration we need to prepare for if they have one. We've always been at CSA for the "Grand Anniversary Celebration" and are hoping for something unusual for Halloween. What about the selling guys up and down the they stay at 7 mile or do they wander up and down Bloody Bay as well. Looking forward to a great time and a new experience.

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    Vendors on the beach at CN on Mondays typically. Recently a smaller selection of vendors also on another day (Thur?)
    Also Sat night (International Buffet night) by Cassava and the pool have cigars, jewelry, etc.
    Haven't seen a Martini bar at CN like the one at CSA, but you can definitely get a martini to your liking at the the Piano bar.

    Beach vendor taffic is much lighter at CN than 7 mile (and somelike it that way), but you'll see vendors walking by.

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