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    Default Message Board not Updating Like it Use to...

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the message board does not seem to be updating as quickly as it use to?!? No big deal but if your someone like me who is obsessed with this message board and goes into it multiple times a may feel the same way I do...which is bummed! Or... is it all in my head?? After all...the only thing I seem to think about nowadays is my return to Jamaica in May!! Happy Message Boarding!!

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    Randymon must be very busy with those 2013 rate specials!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbrooks2010 View Post
    ... Or... is it all in my head?? ...!
    No, it is not.

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    I don't know how long you have been around the message board, but if you hang around for a while you will see this same comment come up a couple times a year. It comes and goes. Depends on time of year, how busy the moderators are with other duties, and if one of them may be on vacation or something. I think there are only a couple of the staff that moderate the board, so sometines they get pulled away and can not attend to the updates as often as some would like.

    Hang in there. The updates will come.

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    Yup! I noticed the same

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    relax and get on Jamaica time. No Problem Mon.

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    I believe he is now the only moderator. Used to be him and his son.

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    haha...I have been on and off the board for 7 years...I have to laugh to see some things never change

    those moderators spoil us some days...

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    What about Ting and statins?

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    This topic has come up from time to time. With all that Randy has to do as CRO, I'm impre4ssed that we get updates as often as we do. There is one other person that also posts our stuff. Ivonna Selerski(sp) helps with the posting. But both Randy and Ivonna have many other things to do in addition to taking care of the MB.
    I completely understand the frustrations that many of us suffer when there are no new posts to read. Our addictions to all things Couples is indispensable and must be dealt with every waking minute.

    There are a bunch of Couples lovers on Facebook. We also clamor for information and share much with each other. That may help.

    Thanks Randy and Ivonna.

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    I had questions for members and my posts needed to be I ended up going to trip advisor for answers. It's been about 24 hours and my post is still not showing up. Not worth it imo...

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    I think that sometimes people expect way to much from, not only this board, but from offers that Couples makes, or perks they think they should get and more.

    Davila I think that if you had urgent questions that required answers, and the board did not post them quickly enough for you, then perhaps you should have called the 1-800 number and spoken with someone from Couples who would have been able to help you.

    The question about how long it takes to post someone's message continues to come up two, three maybe more times each year. For those that have posted to other message boards that may have been faster to respond, this board is not one of them. Maybe other boards have full time workers that can attend to things in a more timely fashion. This board is not one of them. A lot of other boards are not monitored and therefore all messages can just be uploaded as soon as they arrive. This board is not one of them either.
    This board is basically a marketing tool for Couples. They make it available to us at no cost. They value our thoughts and our opinions because it will help them to make Couples better, by listening to our complaints and our praises.

    What many people do not understand is that, as far as I know, just two people read and post what we send in. That is not the only thing that these two individuals have to do. Randy is often on the road, conducting other business related to Couples. And while he has a laptop with him, his time may not allow him to check on all the new messages. Ivonna is also a person who reads and monitors for this board. Again, that is not all she has to do. There are a multitude of things that have to be taken care of that relate to Couples.

    If anyone has an "urgent" request, or complaint or need, I would suggest that they not attempt to post it here on the board. I would suggest they call the 1-800 number for prompt and immediate service.

    I am as addicted to this board and all things Couples, as anyone. I am constantly checking back6, 8 perhaps 10 times a day after I get home from work at 11a.m. I too have been known to mutter something less than pleasant when I haven't seen a new posting for a day or so or even more. But it is purely a selfish act on my part. Sure I would love to see things move more quickly sometimes. But if they don't I'm not about to have a hissyfit. I know that as soon as they can, they will read the plethora of messages that come in every day and get them on the board.

    From all the years that I have been posting and reading this terrific message board, even with all the faults that one may find, I am still pleased with the mostly timely fashion that things get done.

    And if I may, while I am up here on my soap box, offer another thought as it relates to the new 2013 rates and special offers. There have already been a number of people who complained about the new price, or the free 7th day, or rooms that are not included or that they may have already booked and still want to take advantage of the new program.
    I don't know of any other resort, in Jamaica or anywhere else, that offers as much to the guests as Couples does. They are more concerned about the thousands of couples that come to their resorts than any other resort chain. They have, on many occasions, gone out of their way to correct a problem that a guest may have or to try and compensate a guest for some oversight. That's the reason that so many of us continue to return, sometimes 2 or 3 times each year. They recognize the fact that without the repeaters, as well as all the new first timers, Couples would be no better than many of the resorts, not only in Jamaica, but in many other countries as well.

    Okay. I have made my pitch. I don't feel any better, now that I have vented. There will now be people who may criticize my comments and find fault with this thing or some other. That's okay. I don't mind. And neither does Couples. They really do want to hear from their guests with all the news, both good stuff or bad. That's what keeps making the Couples organization as good as it is. They haven't won all the awards and all the accolades that have been given to them by ignoring what their most valuable critics, you and I, have told them.

    Thanks Couples. Most of us really aren't that concerned with the sometimes slow posting or a perk that we think we should be getting. That's not why we keep coming back. We come back because when we are at our favorite resort of choice, we are treated well, we always have a fantastic time, and the staff that we have come to know over the years are a tremendous part of our enjoyment.

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    Like Crabracer said, there are only two of them moderating the board and they both have a ton of other responsibilities. Most of it is done by Randy all by himself!

    I hope that it gets updated 5 times a week (M-F mornings) and take it as a bonus if it happens more often than that.

    How about if they stopped doing the message board completely!!! I don't think anyone would like that!

    Keep up the great work, Randy and Ivonna.
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