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    Default NEED HELP to settle a CN dispute between me and my wife......

    This sounds silly but.....
    My wife was talking about painting some rooms in our house. She wants to use colors from CN. Somehow we started talking about the color of the railings on the balconys. She says that they are "white"........I say, they are not "white", but a "light sea foam" color.

    Please let us know.

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    I haven't been to CN so that part of your question will have to wait for someone that has. Hopefully that person will not be color blind.

    As far as using the colors found at CN, I think that's a great idea. I just did over our kitchen using a lot of the colors in the main dining room at CTI. The new paint job along with other things we have, such as pictures, shells, carvings and such, have transformed our dark dingy kitchen into a beautiful reminder of Jamaica.

    I hope your rooms turn out the way you have envisioned them.

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    From our recent stay, the railings in bldgs 6,7,8,& 9 are white from what we could see. The railings going up the stairs to the lobby are darker, perhaps a dark green.

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    The railings on the room balconies at CN are white, as are their supports.

    The railings on the stairs to the rooms, as well as along the outside of the rooms and the ends of the room blocks, are darkly stained wood and their supports (spindles) are a light blue, or perhaps what you refer to as "light sea foam".

    The railings on the stairs to the main lobby from the pool, along the lobby area over looking the pool, and the adjoining sunset deck are either a dark metal or dark wood. Their supporting posts are an alternating pattern of black and gold painted metal. The spiral staircase from the lobby down to Cassava has the same pattern.

    The railings and supports on the ramps on the pool boardwalk are unstained wood.

    The railings along the Main Bar exterior area are stained wood.

    The railings on steps from the beach to room blocks (#1 and #6) are white, as are railings in the spa area, near the ponds, and by the plunge pool.

    The railings and supports on the stairs to the treehouse and the treehouse itself are unstained wood.

    The railings along the dive pool and adjoining hot tub are not railings. They are rope.

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    The railing for the balcony is white & the one's going up the stairs are like a light green...

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    balcony railings white; stair railing is sea foam green.

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    I had to look back at my wedding photos at CN from June 2010. The buildings are a seafoam green and the railings are white.

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    Default Thank you!- from the wife!

    Thank you all for your comments! I KNOW they are white railings! I have many pictures but he seems to think he is right. We have been there 8 times so you can imagine how many pitures we have. Anyway, I know I'm right so thanks for confirming it!

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