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    Default AN Volleyball anyone?

    Last March when we were there a daily part of the routine was the afternoon Volleyball game in the AN Pool on SSB. Has anyone been there lately who can shed some light on the subject? We will be there March 5-19th and wondered if we should bring a net?

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    We just came back from CSS and SSB and they are not allowing volleyball in the pool anymore, it's just not safe there with the grotto, people were getting hurt, bottles on the bar were broken and one fellow hit his head on the swim-up bar stool.

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    Hi KarenON, Thanks for the info, I’m sure you enjoyed your stay and perhaps our paths will cross for a Bob Morley, or Crown Royal in the future. It wasn't want we wanted to hear however it just means we’ll have to focus our activities elsewhere, perhaps around the pool bar for trivia! Any idea who currently is the entertainment staff at on the AN beach? Besides that, the challenge is out there, trivia anyone? 41 days and counting! See you on the beach March 6th!! For anybody going to be there Mar 5th-19th, start thinking about a day trip to CTI for a challenge of any sorts!

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    Did you happen to notice if they were playing pool volleyball on the textile side?

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    I don't care if people get hurt,
    but if it is affecting the bar, beer, and / or liquor distribution...
    It has to go.

    Just kidding
    I can't believe this was allowed to go on as long as it did
    My wife said, the problem was that people had not had enough to drink so they were able to actually hit ball.
    Most of the time when we played, that was not an issue.

    Last year I played beach volleyball several days, but that is a lot more work!!!

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    We just got back from CSS, and we played pool volleyball almost every day. I loved it! You do have to make sure that you set the boundaries conservatively, so people don't get hurt, but it's a great way to get a little exercise and get to know people.

    Thanks to everyone who played!

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    Were you at the Main Pool or the AN Pool at SSB? There's definitely more room to play volleyball in the Main Pool that at the SSB Pool.

    One Love!

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    Two other rules that can tame the aggressiveness: allow people multiple hits, and play that the back row players merely have to jump up, and if they can't reach, it's out.

    These rules also help to get people with differing skill levels and heights to play too!

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    Does CSS have 2 AN areas one with pool volleyball and one without?

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    Hi RummPunch,
    I hope my question for krazykeith didn't confuse you. At SSB, there is only one pool, a hot tub, and a beach adjacent to the pool area. On our trip in July 2011, there was AN pool volleyball almost everyday. As KarenON said, in December 2011 to early January 2012, there was NO AN pool volleyball. I just wanted krazykeith to clarify that he got to play volleyball at the AN pool and not the Main textile pool which is a bit larger and I think the volleyball net is up most of the time.

    I hope this answers your question.

    One Love,

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    Nope, just 1 AN area. We were there all day, every day. Someone told me the net was new, and there was a pool basketball hoop too.

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    In the past few years, we have just made a "net" out of floaties stretched across the pool.
    It forms a dividing line in the center. Not really a net at all, but honestly it was often hard to call what we were doing playing volleyball.

    I like the idea of a bball hoop. That could also be fun

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    How is the volleyball net suspended across the pool?

    Name:  SSB Pool.jpg
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    Hi Rummpunch!
    There are small holes on each side of the pool bottom and they insert a net attached to two poles into those holes. I hope this makes sense!

    I hope they have volleyball when we return in July! My husband loved playing in the afternoon! It was a great way to meet people!

    One Love,

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    Hello Again Rummpunch!
    Since my husband was the volleyball fanatic, I asked him about how the net was strung across the pool and he thinks the next was strung across the pool but from outside the pool---sorry can't give you a definitive answer. However, when they do allow volleyball they do have a method to get the net across the pool!

    One Love,

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    Does this help?Name:  SDC10626_1.jpg
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    They've actually got a new net that doesn't require the umbrella poles anymore. I'd post a pic, but my internet is down tonight, so I only have my phone to post with. I'll try to post tomorrow.

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    When we were there in 2008 due to renovations at CTI, someone from our group figured out how to place the volleyball net in the pool by using the umbrella poles. The next day, management was walking behind us over to SSB and noticed it. He asked us "Who put the net in the pool?" We were afraid to answer, but our friend did and with excitement the manager said "For years we have been trying to figure a way to do that." Then is was history. During our visit in January, it was great to see they had a better setup but noticed the net is a little short for the holders they purchased. They may need to get a wider net but works for now.

    Enjoy! See attached photo.

    Name:  Recovered_Sep-15-2008_127.jpg
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    We stayed at HBR in Mexico a few years ago & volleyball was played every day in a pool roughly the same size as SSB. It was very disruptive. You couldn't sit at the swim-up without being on constant alert for stray volleyballs & sitting around the pool wasn't much better. I would hate to see this same situation at SSB. Maybe beach volleyball is a better option.

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    Do people play all afternoon - what about the other pool users who may just want to have a swim to cool down as the picture seems to imply that the volleyball game takes up the whole pool?

    Does it get very loud ?

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    I agree, Daire. We love CSS (SSB) for the peace & quiet most of the time. And, v-ball takes up the whole pool, so how about those of us who want to be in the pool (& not just that shallow area on the other side of the waterfall). And, it's just an accident waiting to happen, w/ the waterfall, bar stools, ledge & those under-water tables. Ugh !! I guess if they did it only once a day, then took the net down that would be a nice compromise, but still dangerous nevertheless (I'm a worry wort like that !!).

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    OK, from looking at the photos posted of the pool at SSB and the volleyball net, I'm going to side with the "no volleyball in the pool" crowd. Or at least I'll side with them if there's more than just the volleyballers there. It's a fairly small looking pool, and unless I was playing, I'd rather not be on the lookout for errant balls.

    OK, that last sentence can be taken SO wrong...

    But, anyways...
    If the pool were larger, I'd say go for it. Now, if the everyone at the pool is amenable, then I'd say go for it, but it someone complains, I'd say it's time to put the volleyball away.

    CTI again in 475 days!

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    Wow guys thanks for all of your detailed explanations. As a refugee used to playing AN pool volleyball I was hoping to find a new home to hone my skills. Never know when you might catch the eye of a scout and get recruited to play in the AN pool volleyball pro tour.

    I can certainly understand the pool is for everyone’s enjoyment however a game of volleyball is a great way for newbie’s mingle and get over any apprehension. It certainly worked for my wife.

    As my pool volleyball mentor always said “watch your corners” and “all day long”. I can’t wait for July to get here!

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    It reminds me of going to a public skating rink, and everyone is playing hockey. But on the other note, I do like to see people having fun.

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    AN volleyball? Ow Ow Ow...for women. All that jumping around..seems like it would hurt without any sort of boobie protection!

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