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    Can anyone tell me if golf clubs, tees and balls are included?

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    At CTI I didn't take anything, and had to buy/rent everything. This time I'll be taking everything, and renting nothing. I prefer my clubs, though, as I bought specific ones for me. It costs very little to bring them (about what it costs to rent, and less than if you golf more than one day). CSA in just over 5 months!

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    If you are planning on golfing more than once or twice, I would recommend bringing your own clubs down.

    The conditions at Negril Hills have improved a great deal over the past several years.

    We have found that not very many people take advantage of the free golf - all the better for those that do.

    The caddies there are great. If you are planning on playing several times while you are there and you enjoy your caddies, let your caddies, as well as Miss Mary (she runs the Pro Shop) know when you will be coming back and they will be available each time you show up. The tip is traditionally $1 per hole or $10 for 9 or $20 for 18. We have found that the more often we come, we tip a little more each time.

    If you walk, you will have a caddie per person, and if you cart, you will have one caddie per cart - so remember to tip accordingly.

    Since we play 5-6 times over the 14 days we are at CN we always bring our clubs down. Starting last year we also left our clubs at the course for the duration of our vacation - a nice change to not have to drag the clubs back and forth every day.

    As far as costs are concerned, for 9 holes we end up paying approx as much as we pay for a round of 18 holes at one of our local municipal courses here in Ottawa. It is true that it is not a perfectly groomed course, but unless you are playing at a perfectly groomed course at home its fine.

    Listen to the caddies - they know where you should hit and are also good at finding your golf balls when they go astray.

    Any more questions let me know,

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