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    I've read from previous post that it's considered tacky to hang my beack towel, bating suit/trunks on the balcony railing. Is there some sort of retractable clothes line on the balcony? If not, how do you dry your stuff? Grew up on an island and you figured out the best way to dry stuff was outside, in the sun , but I don't want to offend. We'll be in a premier room, if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance.

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    There are drying bars on the wall of the balcony. We have put our swimwear there and just get dry towels when we go to our room at the end of the day. There is a hamper for towels just outside the patio on the way to building 2 near the main pool.

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    On the balcony at one end there are a couple of bars to hang things. It doesn't always get full sun, but things will dry if you leave them for a day or two. You may want to bring one or two extra bathing suits and swim trunks so you will have enough while the others are drying.

    You won't have to bring any towels you can get clean ones every day. That's just more thing you don't have to pack.

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    There IS a clothesline in the bathroom. We also would hang our stuff from the shower curtain rail, and that did a fine job of drying them out, as long as we left the A/C on when we left the room. We find that things dry much faster at CTI than at CSA, probably because the A/C is more efficient, and at CSA, we always have tons of windows open letting in the humidity.

    Oh -- and thanks for your sensitivity in NOT hanging things from the balcony. It's much more attractive overall to not be looking at people's wet suits when gazing back at the resort.
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    We stayed in a Deluxe Ocean room, and there was a small towel rack on the balcony. It had two bars to hang towels or swimsuits on. We had our suits on it the one day we went snorkeling so they would dry, and just left the stuff out overnight. With (I think) the exception of our dive boots, everything was (mostly) dry the next day.

    As for the beach towels, just take your damp / wet / used beach towel, toss it in one of the hampers around the resort by the pools, and grab a clean towel from the basket!

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