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    Anyone going to CSS in April? We will be arriving on the 12th. This will be our first Couples experience. looking forward to a great vacation.

    Darryl and Beverly

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    We arrive early on the 9th and leave on the 15th and will be on SSB the entire time. Just look for the man in the Florida Gator hat sitting next to a significantly more attractive woman.

    48 days & counting. 4th trip to CSS, 7th trip to Couples.
    * Please forgive any errors that you might find in the above post. All errors are a direct result of (1) too many drinks (2) the missing brain cells caused by years of abusing these above referenced drinks (3) the iniability to spell or write anything without the use of spell check or (4) the complete lack of knowledge of proper english grammer and sentence structure.

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    arriving the 30th

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    Hi Darryl & Beverly,

    Eric & June here and we'll be at CSS from April 16th to 21st after first visiting CTI. BigDogLips has started a thread called April 2012 with a list of others that will be at CSS during April. The link to it is: There's also a photo thread for CSS April 2012. We haven't put one on there yet but will try to get around to it soon. Put yours there so we'll know what you look like when we bump into you.

    This is our 4th visit to CSS, where we were married. You are going to so love the resort not to mention the whole Couples experience. The resort is beautiful and the people are wonderful. You've certainly chosen a great place to come for a vacation. The only problem is that once you get there you won't want to leave.

    We'll look forward to seeing you guys there!

    Bart & Bug

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    We look forward to meeting everyone there. I am sure it will be a great time.

    Darryl and Beverly

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