Well Mrs. SublimeBrad is pregnant and our first child is due this August. We went to CSA last May for my birthday and we started trying then to have a baby. So for that reason we decided not to go in 2012 because it would be too hard to plan if she did get pregnant (we like to drink), and it would help save for the baby. Well now we have the CSA itch. We are thinking about booking a trip for June 2013 when the baby will be 10 months old. We have all the grandparents in town begging for the chance to watch our child, but Im sure it will depend on how things go before we decide to leave for a week.

I am just curious how long some of you waited after having a child, especially the first one, before taking a trip on your own for a week. I know many people couldnt dare leave their kid after less than a year, and maybe we will feel that way too.