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    We waited 22 years after the birth of our first child to take an adult vacation!!

    Waay to long if you ask me!
    You make me feel better. We also waited over 20 years for our first "just the two of us" trips. Way, Way, Way too long.

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    Thanks to everyone for the replies. I expected mixed results and thats what I got. I plan to wait until the baby is born to book anything. I want to make sure he/she is healthy and my wife is as well before we start planning that. I dont worry about the grandparents watching them, as they are begging to do so already. I just want to make sure it feels right (more so the wife than me) before we plan anything. Im sure we will try some weekend getaways first to see how that goes. But with skype and technology I think we will be fine away from the baby for 5-7 days in Jamaica. I agree that if you wait too long the baby may miss you more and realize you are gone. Breast feeding may be the biggest obstacle but with my wife going back to work I doubt that lasts up to 10 months anyway.

    And there is no way my wife will go to Jamaica pregnant. We LIKE to drink and have fun at the beach. She will not enjoy watching me sit at the swim up bar while she sips on water and fruity non alcoholic drinks. If youre gonna pay for a trip like that you better be able to get your moneys worth. I couldnt pay for an all inclusive and not drink. Thats a waste of money.
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    We have a 20-month old and are also expecting #2 in August! We don't know when we will get a chance to go again after #2 is we are going to CSA in April. I will be wadling around and obviously won't be able to drink...but I don't care! I can't wait to lay on the beach and drink virgin fruity beverages. And eat to my heart's content! I think you should plan a Babymoon! We went on a tropical babymoon during my first pregnancy and it was magnificent!! I am nervous about being away from my son for a week, but I am also ready...don't know if I could have left him at 10 months but then I was still nursing.

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