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    Default Couples Sans Souci in July

    Can anyone tell me what your experience has been with the weather and with bugs at this time of year? I've read the tourist information sites and our guidebooks for average temp highs/lows and average rainfall, but I'd like to hear your experience with the weather.

    Also, will bug bites be an issue? I am wondering whether being outside in the evenings will require that we bathe in "Off" or the like before leaving our rooms.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    Have never been in July so someone else will have to reply to your weather question.
    However, I have been eaten alive by sand flies (some call them fleas). You literally don't see them but they sure bite! And I''ve discovered I'm allergic to them so that the bites aren't pretty at all. Having said that, I've not met one other person who's had my experience. Nor have I found a product that repels them. Mosquitoes can be a bit of a problem at night, but they're not a big deal (in my experience, and we've been there 10 times).
    Leaving for CSS tomorrow morning!!!

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    We have been going to CSS in July for 7 years in a row. Weather is around 89-91 during the day. It cools down to about 78-80 at night. Night time always feels warmer because the wind dies down, and the adult beverages kick in from a day in the sun. Bugs have never been an issue with us. I have read some people are really bitten up, but have never had a problem and never ran across anyone during our stay complaining.
    "Once you know."
    Steve & Victoria

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    We vacationed 7-10 days each year, 5 out of the last 6 years at CSS in July, one at CTI. Weather has always been great. Some light showers in the afternoon once in a while. No hurricanes during our visits. I can only think of two days in 6 years that it rained all day.

    Some years the mosquitoes are heavier than others but only an issue at night, if at all. We have also found them more of an issue when the wind is calm and its very humid. We do bring Off , a very small bottle, odorless, pumped spray type and for me its just around the ankles. They seemed to like Susan a little more than me, go figure. Over all the mosquitoes have never been a big issue for us.

    If Im not mistake there is some ladies products that keep mosquitoes away, like Avon. Ladies jump in here and help me out.

    Jeff and Susan
    CSS: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010,
    2011, 2012, 2013, 2016
    CTI: 2009
    CN: 2011, 2015

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    This will be our second July at CSS. Last year the weather was warm around 89 degrees and humid BUT there was a lovely breeze and the beautiful pool at SSB to keep us cool. I didn't use bug spray during the day but I used it liberally if we were going to be outside during the evening for extended periods of time---at the Beach Party or the Starlight Gala or eating dinner outside on the terrace at Casanova's. The nights are warm and less humid and great for star-gazing!

    I would say we would get maybe 1 or 2 short rain showers during the day---we all stayed in the pool--and then the sun would come out and you would never know that it had rained!

    When will you be at CSS? We arrive on July 18th for 10 great days!

    One Love,

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    would love to know this as well. we are headed to CSS in June.

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    My wife and I spent our 10th anniversary there last June. We were there the last week of June and the weather was great! It was hot, but not unbarable. I would say the temps stayed in the upper 80's to low 90's. To me, perfect beach weather. We stayed outside all day everyday and were fine. When we got a little warm we hit the ocean or the swim up bar.
    There were occasional showers during the day that didn't last long at all and one night there was a pretty loud thunder storm that woke us up.
    The bugs..... not a problem at all! We took all kinds of insect repellant and didn't use it the first time.
    Our trip to CSS was the most relaxing trip that we've ever been on. I think you will love it!
    Have Fun!

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    Default Bug spray at night

    We went last year to CTI and CSA late June and we both put on bug spray on our ankles to walk the beach because of sand fleas. When eating outdoors you will want to use bug spray. The only place we did not need bug spray at night was either indoor eating or when it was breezy.

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    My husband and I were at Css last July (2011) from the 11-20th. The weather was fabulous, it was hot but the breeze was amazing and since you spend a lot of time in either the pool or ocean the heat is not an issue. It was hot (high 80s) like you would expect in the Carribbean. Bugs were never an issue for my husband and I. We sprayed a little bit of bug repellent on our legs before the beach party and starlight gala as they were outside at night on the beach and lawn. However, we ate at the outdoor grill for dinner and never had any issues. Neither of us had to deal with any bug bites and it was perfect! !If bugs are a concern, just spray yourselves once before going out for dinner. Have a wonderful time!!!

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