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    Default Anyone ever been to CSA in late April/Early May?

    We are booked to go to CSA late April / Early May....been several time, but ususally in the fall. Wondering what weather will be like??? Do the afternoon rainshowers affect the sunsets? Any help is appreciated

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    We were at CN the first week of May last year. It was very warm and sunny, no rain at all.

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    No one can predict the weather, but I will tell you from years of experience that late April & early May are pretty dry times. We usually come in at the end of May & the rain showers begin. We keep saying we gotta start coming a little earlier. A week or two makes a big difference.

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    When are you going? This will be our first time to CSA and we will be there 4/23-5/1. We're getting married 4/26. I'm sorry I can't give information on the weather. I'm looking forward to hearing what others have to say about this as well. The countdown is on for both of us!

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    We were at csa last year at the end of april and are going again the same time this year. The weather was great there was only one day that it rained and it was gone before the sunset.

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    Have been to CSA twice in late April with the weather nice and sunny and warm, with only a quick shower late afternoon to cool it down. I would just bring a light sweater if you get cold in airconditioning if you plan on eating at Feathers :-) As far as the sunsets go they are just a beautiful although if it's a little cloudy, you may get some interesting clouds appearing along with the sunset. Have some very nice pictures from our past visits of both clear skies and cloudy skies but with all visible sun!
    Enjoy your stay!
    We return for Christmas this coming year and can't wait!

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    Default Weather

    I've been many times in the 3rd week of April and the weather has always been great. Have a great time!

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    We went to CSA April 26-May 8 in 2010 and the weather was beautiful! Warm as you expect. Mid day highs in the low 80's and lows at night in the low to mid 70's. Sometimes mid day rain showers then, more sunshine. No worries at all!

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    We go to CN/CSA every year from around April27/28 until around May 6. We will get an afternoon rainstorm almost every day. (It is considered rainy season). The storms usually only last about 15-30 minutes and then back to beautiful sun. I think in all the years we have been going at this time we've only missed one or two sunsets because of it being overcast. Even then, it still is beautiful. A great perk about going this time also is it's not overly busy.

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    Blondie has it right. Some days a 1 hr. afternoon rain, then with the clouds come some amazing sunsets. It actually is the refection off the clouds that gives the sky the color. When the sky is clear, the sun just drops into the sea. We usually go in mid April and the weather is Great!

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    Default Early May

    We went in May last year and it rained almost every day. Two days it rained all day and night. We still had a blast. The rain actually makes the sunsets better because each day the clouds are different colors through the sun. We had sun most mornings and evenings. When it rains just head to the beach bars and enjoy!

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    We were there last year around that time and the weather was great. Just a couple short afternoon showers. We're actually thinking about going in the Fall this year -- maybe end of October. How was your experience with that? I don't want to risk a hurricane but don't want it to be too cold either. Does Jamaica even get cold? :-)

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    We got married at CSA last year May 16th & we got there on the 12th, it was beautiful the entire time not one drop of rain...

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