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    I need some feedback regarding the shuttle buses. We rode the hour to CSA and the roads were so bumpy. I was actually getting car sick and never do. I have a lot of back pain and herniated disks and was wondering if anybody who has been to both Negril and Ochio Rios on the shuttle bus can can some feedback. I know the ride to CSS is longer but the hour to CSA was more than enough for me and my back and neck. Is the ride to CSS any smoother?

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    Trip to Ochi is mostly highway now, except if the driver needs to drop off dinner to his daughter! Then you get to see his neighborhood and its a little bumpy. But I would not expect it in general to be bumpy anymore. Definitely not as crazy as a ride as 10 years ago!

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    Oh my gosh, that's too funny, the driver did the same thing when we were on the bus (pitstop for dinner)...I totally forgot about that...hahahaha.....

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