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    Default Secret Rendezvous Results?

    We went to CN in March 2006 and are looking to make a return trip to Jamaica in May. We are debating CSA and CN but I've been thinking of trying the Secret Rendezvous if it becomes available for our time frame. So if you've done it, where did you end up? Would you do it again?

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    We did the SR a few years ago and ended up at CSS which happens to be my favorite anyway. You can't go wrong with any of the 4. If I could pick CSS up and move it to the Negril beach, it would be the perfect resort.

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    I'd do it if I wasn't wanting someplace specific, was trying to save money, and didn't care about the romance rewards. Other than that, from what I hear, you can't really get a bad resort within the couples brand.

    The two couples that I know that have done it, both got CTI. I'm sure it's which resort has the most space.

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    I would do it again but hubby wouldn't. We got CSS back in 2009.

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    We did the SR in 2010. We ended up getting CSS. We absolutely Loved it! We are heading to CN Dec 2012. We would do the SR again, But the deal would have to Awesome like it was then, $250.00 a night. Couldnt pass that up.(The Bad economy helped big time with that deal) Plus, it now sounds like you dont get Rewards with the SR, So, to us, that adds a lot of value. This time we did the early booking rates with the $300.00 Resort Credit and great rates. But, we booked 3/31/2011 for 12/8/2012. Thats just to long to wait. My plan now is to Book for 2013 when the rates come out at the end of the month.( Hopefully with great rates and Resort credits ) And continue with that year after year so we make it back every year. Really, we are hoping to go twice a year starting in a couples years when we are done paying college tuition for our 20 year old daughter. Cant wait for Dec.!!!!!

    I do remember that when I was watching this board daily for months before we went in 2010 most people seemed to respond in roughly this percentage of were they ended up on their SR. 60% CTI 30%CSS 5%CN and 5%CSA.This may be different now that CTI has been winning Awards.

    Good luck with making your decision!But Remember this! Anyway to get back to Couples is a good way!

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    We booked the CSR last year and got CTI. My biggest complaint was that we had to keep moving each day to stay in the sun. We were there in January--had to move to the swim up bar...then to the pier. The food was unbelievably good though and I loved our room. It was right above the piano bar which I thought was going to be a problem but it wasn't.

    So coming home last year: said I would never book CTI...and would only book CSR if we were going to go last minute again and need a deal. So this year we were trying to find a trip...and when it comes down to the difference in price, we decided to book the CSR again. We are saving $225 a night over CN...and will be happy with whatever resort at that price!

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    We booked a CSR in March of last year and got CTI, which, after MUCH research and debate, was our first choice (though really, there is no wrong choice).

    We had a wonderful time in our ocean view room in block 5, off to the side. It was very quiet and felt private. I had room service coffee on our little balcony in the morning--heaven! I just wish we'd been able to do more water sports, it was a bit windy and we were under red flag conditions for a lot of our stay.

    We had so much relaxing fun our "once in a lifetime" trip turned into a "we really want to do this again" trip. So, with some reshuffling of priorities, we booked again for 3/17-3/24. Under 4 weeks to sun, sand and gracious hospitality! Part of me is hoping to go back to CTI, but I would also love to see one of the other resorts. Time will tell!

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