My husband and I stayed at CSA last September for the first time. We LOVED it! Our everyday lives are quite hectic so we used our Wednesday through Sunday trip to Jamaica to simply chill. We had breakfast on our beachfront suite verandah every morning. Floated in the ocean until lunch time, then floated in the pool every afternoon. Took a nap on the verandah every afternoon while watching the sunset. The only thing that wasn't really our cup of tea was the Friday night beach party. We're very social and like to have to fun but we tend to stay to ourselves more when we're traveling alone. We're planning to book our 2nd Couple trip this fall and are trying to decide which one. I'm leaning towards Sans Souci just to be able to see the other side of Jamaica. I think we will definitely end up back at CSA again and it will probably end up as our favorite but do you guys suggest branching out and seeing the other side? I've read all of the posts I can find but still would love some specific input. Thanks!