We are starting to pack for our trip to CN in just 2 weeks! I wanted to ask a few things that have been asked in the past but I wanted to make sure the answers were still current.

Towels - When we stayed in Punta Cana we were given beach towel cards for our beach towels. This meant we could only have one towel out at a time and was somewhat inconvenient for making sure that we had towels late at night or early in the morning before that stand would open. We decided to bring our own beach towels so that we always had them in case we needed them. Is this a concern at CN? I have read to not take towels from the beach back to the room because of sand fleas so I want to make sure we plan accordingly. Please let me know if there is a towel card policy!

With regards to the sand fleas I have heard bring deet, stay of the sand after rain or at night, rinse off when returning from the beach, and don't lay directly on the sand. My question is are the sand fleas bad in the shade? I am a red head and when on the beach typically hunt for shade. Do the sand fleas come out because of the cooler sand?

Reservations...Another take away from all of the forums that I have read is to get your reservations taken care of the day you get there. My question is what happens if you change your mind after you make your reservations? We typically take vacation one day at a time and try not to have to many plans....I definitely want to do the Sunset cruise, eat at the reservation restaurant, and do Scuba diving at least once. I might want to do it twice, but won't know until after the first time i've tried! So should I make reservations assuming I will love it and cancel if necessary or should I wait until after I try it and then hope there are spots left?!? :-) ...I want to be respectful of other guests and not be a reservation hog, but I don't want to miss out on all the things I love! ...aren't these dilemmas just terrible problems to have! (sarcasm)

Finally I am interested in getting a couples massage well I am down there (work pays for it as part of our "wellness")...Does anyone know the cost, and if I am allowed to split it on two receipts? My wife and I will each have to file our own expense report and its easier to turn in a receipt each for $100 (as an example) then it is for us each to submit the same $200 receipt...

Anyways, thanks for all the help. Can't wait to get down there!