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    Hi I'm Roger, my wife is Allie. We have traveled the world however never Couples or CTI. We are going march 18th through the 25th. We are looking forward to meeting some new great friends and some exciting new experiences. My wife is afraid of the island however loves th idea of the pier and has done that on every vacation. So I'm going to need some new friends to convince her. We can't wait to meet everyone.

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    I know that the island can seem a little scary, but trust me when I tell you, it is one of the most empowering activities that both of you can do. If you get over there and find that it isn't for you, simply put your cloths on and leave. No problem. But I urge you to at least give it a shot. I promise that within five minutes or less, you'll wonder why you haven't done this before. Remember, everyone that goes over had their first time too. And don't wait until your last day to try it, you will regret that.

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    My fiance Rhonda (wife by the time we get there) and I will be on our first trip to CTI from March 22-28th. We're both VERY excited to be spending our honeymoon there! While I have experienced AN a few times before, this will actually be her first time in a social setting. She's actually looking quite forward to it, but says 3 strong rums may be necessary to take that first step, lol. I'm sure we'll be meeting up at some point there, and if you still haven't tried it, maybe we could share those rums and then try it out. If your wife would like to discuss it any more, just message...I'm sure Rhonda won't mind responding as a fellow first timer. Hope to talk to ya soon!

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    Hi Roger,

    If Allie is "afraid of the island", you should consider coming over to SSB for a day. The beach is quite large, and allows her to do the AN thing without the initial trauma. Then, as she gets comfortable, come over to the pool and see us! We will be at SSB March 22 - 31.

    Bob & Mary

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    Hey there Roger and Allie, We're going to be there March 15th---25th. You'll both love the Island..... go over the first day and you'll never regret doing so. After 2 minutes you'll be hooked. 3rd time to CTI for us
    See ya there. Jack&Barbara

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    Thank you everyone for your encouragement. Bob since we are new can we go over to SSB for the day? How do we do that? Also I would love to put our pictures on here so that everyone could reconignize us and come to us and speak. I know Allie would feel much better if she knew people.

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    Hi Roger and Allie,
    My wife, Linda, and I will be there the same week as you for our 3rd time. We started out like you guys, but assure Allie that she'll be fine. It's normal for butterflies the first time, but they quickly disappear. Start at the right side of the island (more private), and get closer to the bar/pool area when you feel like socializing a little more. Any questions, ask! We're looking forward to meeting you.

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    Default We were all newbies once

    We'll be there March 18-25th as well. It sounds like Allie has the first timers' jitters as we all have had. Try it like you would getting into a pool for the first time--At first, go to the right of the island and set up "camp". After a while you'll want to visit the bar/pool area. There you will find that people will greet you like someone you met in line at the store and you'll exchange "Hi, how are you?", "nice day, huh?" or something like that. Then the pleasantries will continue if you want them to. If not, just end the conversation like you'd normally do, "Have a nice day", "Enjoy the nice weather", etc.
    By you taking the time to worry about your wife being scared, you're doing what any nice guy would do, investigate a possible threat. I assure you that I did the same since we've been married (27 years), and I'll continue to do so.

    Tell Allie that like all of us on this board, we've all had butterflies---

    Hope to meet you in March,

    Everyting Irie!

    Jim and Linda

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    Hey Jack and Barbara thanks for the response. We would love to get to know some couples before we go. Where you guys from. We are from Charlotte, NC been married for about 4 years I'm 51 , Allie is 37 we have a blast together. Hope all is well. We can't wait for vacation.

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    We hope to have those rums with you. We hope to meet you guys. We are from Charlotte, NC.

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    Hello Roger and Allie...we're from NovaScotia. This will be our 3rd time...Islanders all the way! We should be on the dock waiting for the boat to run first thing most mornings. Tell Allie not to worry about a one is gonna know that it's your first time....get a lounger, get naked.get a cool rum drink, get mellow! I'll be the bald guy with tattoos with a really pretty wife!! ;-) See ya there!

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    Hey Roger. if you like me to email you some pics from our previous your email address. You've made the right decision picking C.T.I. Jack

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    Hi Hendy,
    I just wanted to say that I thought your post was really nice and welcoming! I hope they contact your wife, it may really help break the ice!

    One Love,

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    Hi Roger and Allie,

    Last year we were at SSB, and quite a number of couples came over from CTI. Some from SSB went over to CTI as well. When you get there, just check with the front desk on when they are running the transportation over to SSB from CTI. The resorts are not very far from each other, so it is not a big hassle. Name:  Mary & Bob 40.jpg
Views: 614
Size:  36.9 KB. If you come over just look for us. We would be happy to hang out. We won't have nearly as much on as in this picture though! LOL

    Bob & Mary

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    Thanks Jack we would love to see pics.

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