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    Default Yippie, doing the booking dance!!!

    It's officially booked!!!! Trip #4 here we come, CSS April 17-24!!!!!

    I'm running around the house doing a little dance, the dogs are looking at me like I am

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    Marie(Mzambo)...I can just see "our" little fireball right now.
    Peggy and I are so very happy for you and Dino and all of our friends that are going with you.
    Will Peggy and I be joining you?Time will tell.

    Congrats and Hugs with an extra squeeze from 10 0 C

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    Oh Dear Tommy,

    You KNOW I will not quit until you do!!!! You don't call me your "fireball" for nothing.........

    We have not yet been to Couples without you & Peggy, and we don't want to start now.

    Have a wonderful wkend with Woody & Judy.

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    Our group of 4 couples are all booked, now Sharon and Alan, and Tommy and Peggy, and Carl and Renee and all will be good!!!!!

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    YAY for you and yours. I can just see you now running around. LOL

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