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Thread: Casino at CN???

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    I have been looking all over but is there a casino at CN? We never gamble we liked it when we went on our cruise to the Bahamas. So we were wondering if there is a casino at CN? If not we will survive but just wondering. I've seen pictures on the gallery of CSA where they had a game lounge with a roulette table and I didn't know if you could make any money off of them? And if so do they have this at CN?? If not I'll just spend the money I've saved up for gambling somewhere else.....hmmm the bar maybe?? Thanks.

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    No...there are a couple of slot machines in the game room but no casino at the resort. There are so many other things to enjoy, you won't even remember the slot machines are there!

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    There is a game room at CN with some slot machines, not as many as CSA, and even at CSA there are not that many. Just gives you an option for something to do if god forbid it rains....

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