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    Default Pelican Bar and YS Falls

    We will be at CN the end of March and would like to do PB and YS Falls. Can these two be combined in one day and how much time should we allow? Also, can CN set us up with a driver or do we need to arrange for that ahead of time? What costs should we expect for these two sites?

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    We did both of these tours together a couple years ago. Took the better part of the day; got back to the resort just in time for a sunset drink on the beach. Pelican Bar was very fund. The Falls were very wild they day we went because it had rained all night, but it was till fun and they were very helpful there as far as getting us into the water for our adventure. We used a private tour operator that picked us up at the hotel. I'm not sure I would do this trip on my own as the Pelican Bar is not real commercialized; Floyd would not be ready for you if he didn't k now you were coming. I would suggest you google tours and specify Pelican Bar. That will get you going in the right direction. If you need more specific information regarding the tour person we used, just email be at

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    I don't think you can arrange through CN, not sure...

    Call or message Rocky, he set it all up for us.

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