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    Default Holiday Decorating

    We will be at CN the first 2 weeks of December and I was wondering when they start decorating for Christmas.

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    We spent the first part of December at CN a few years ago .... Think we came home the 11th after 7 nights there ..... & they were decorating the entire time we were there but were pretty much wrapped up with it by the time we were done I think ..... VERY PRETTY even if there were still stuff that was added later - plus it was fun to watch the guys on their tall ladders wrapping lights around the palm trees. This past Christmas, we spent the 19th - 26th of December there & the decorations were similar with the palm trees wrapped with colored lights & fairy lights in the trees & foliage & garland wrapping things .... they had giant gingerbread houses in the lobby & restaurant & poinsettias & Christmas trees ...... Think you'll have most of the decorations if not all to enjoy while you are there. Plus, if you've never been in December, the weather is FABULOUS ..... hardly any humidity. ENJOY!!!!

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    Oh we are so excited now. Thank you so much. We can't wait to get there.

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