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    Default Least busy resort time at CSA?


    I have been luring on this forum for about a month, usually searching out my questions instead of re-asking things that have 10 topics already started. (Things such as: which currency do venders/airport tippees prefer?) Now I have a question that I have not fully found an answer to, and would like to ask all of you experienced Couples couples.

    When are the least busy resort times at CSA? I am looking for several times throughout the year that you have noticed the resort seems to have much less traffic. This way I can plan out weather options, as well as, catering to my introverted side.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    September - hurricane season.

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    You will find that the fall is probably the least crowed unless there is a special going on. Mainly due to hurricane season but the prices are lower so its not like its empty. There probably isnt a really slow period. We always go at the beginning of summer when the rates drop and before hurricane season starts. It also falls on our birthdays and anniversary too. Whenever you go, you will realize that the resort is so spread out that you will never feel crowded, even on the beach. The only time youll feel like its full is at dinner sometimes but that is to be expected. Go when its right for you and dont worry about the other people. You wont notice them unless you wish to.
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    Thank you both for your answers. Sublimebrad, that is wonderful advice. Thank you.

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    We like to go the end of October. It is towards the end of "H" season and the prices are not peak yet (until Nov). We got around Halloween time so we usually end up paying one week off peak rates and the 2nd week peak rates. Plus we liek the weather that time of year cause its not as humid as it is in the summer. We added a yearly second trip to CSA so we will be there again in April. We have never been there that time of year so we are hoping its not too hot and humid there yet.

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    I was also thinking October would be a good time to go. Thanks.
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