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    Default how is the golf @cti

    my wife and i would like to play golf 1 day. just curious what the course is like and what the resort includes for green fees.And can we rent clubs?

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    The course, I thought, was very nice! It really depends on what you're used to playing on as to how "nice" you'll find it. It's as nice/nicer than most every course I've played on (I'm not playing at $300 courses here in Saint Louis). Here are some specifics about the course.

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    The Course you will play at is Upton Golf & Country Club. It is about thirty minutes from CTI. It is extremely beautiful in the mountains which makes it hilly and it has some degree of difficulty. You can rent clubs that are kept in good condition, you have to paty for a cart unless you walk, you each must pay for a Caddie, about $20.00 apiece (JGA Rules), and it is customary to tip the Caddie. You will find them extremely good and very helpful with your games. Upton has been the location for the past eleven years for the Couples Resorts Ocho Rios Charity Golf Tournament. Good Luck!

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    Hi there,
    Just a couple of follow-up questions if anyone can help me out.
    1) If you take a power cart is it only one caddy per cart? How much would you tip the caddy?
    2) How much are rental clubs?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Has all that information..... I know it says "sandals", but sandals bought upton golf course... sooo...

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